Feedlot Focus

The Value of Consistent Timing

By: Andrea Payan-Phipps, MS, Cargill Animal Nutrition Have you been to an air show or seen videos of the Blue Angels or Air Force Thunderbirds? I’m always amazed at their precision, flying just inches away from each other in perfect formation. Every pilot knows their role and route, and has to execute with perfect timing…

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Feedbunk Management; Key to Animal Health and Performance

By: Steve Boyles, OSU Extension Beef Specialist (originally published in The Ohio Farmer) A properly managed bunk impacts profitability of the feedyard! Feedbunk management plays an important role in both animal performance and preventing acidosis in the feedyard. A part of feedbunk management is estimating how much feed cattle will eat. Factors such as cattle…

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Processing Safety: Working With Cattle

By: Jill J. Dunkel How many times have you or a coworker been lucky when it comes to not getting hurt in a dangerous situation? Maybe a calf jumped in the chute and you narrowly missed getting your arm trapped or broken? Or perhaps the head gate operator opened it a little too soon and…

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Toe-Tip Necrosis in Feedlot Cattle

By: Heather Smith Thomas Several things can cause foot soreness and lameness (foot rot, puncture wounds, sole bruises, abscesses, white line disease, etc.) but one of the most serious is infection of the inner parts of the foot, a condition known as toe-tip necrosis. Dr. Murray Jelinski, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan,…

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CASNR leads effort to boost marbling in beef without increasing overall fatness

The desire to find the juiciest piece of beef, be it a steak or ribs or roast, isn’t limited to just the restaurant and how it is seasoned or cooked. It starts well before that. It begins when the cattle are still alive, still being raised and fed, and how and what they are fed.…

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