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Sign Up Available for Virtual Feedlot Short Course, July 16

BROOKINGS,S.D. – SDSU Extension will be hosting a seven-week virtual Feedlot Short Course beginning on July 16. The program is scheduled to run each Thursday from July 16 through August 27, at 12:30 p.m. CDT.  “Rather than contend with the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 and hosting in-person events, this year we are holding the event as a…

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BY DR. KEITH BOLSEN AND JILL J. DUNKEL While the spring forages have already been ensiled, alfalfa, corn, sorghum, and high moisture corn will be headed to the silage pits soon at many feedyards and cattle operations. Dr. Keith Bolsen, Professor Emeritus, Kansas State University, has been working with silage for 50 years and shares…

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Bunk Management; Impacts Animal Performance and Health

Feedbunk management plays an important role in both animal performance and preventing acidosis in the feedyard. During the first session of the 2020 Ohio Beef Cattle Nutrition and Management School that was hosted by the OSU Extension Beef Team,  Dr. Francis Fluharty, Ohio State University Professor Emeritus and current Professor and Head of the Department…

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CAB Insider

Market Update by Paul Dykstra The market has seen significant changes since our last edition of the CAB Insider two weeks ago.Fed cattle supplies and the total federally inspected cattle harvest have continued to ramp up to a level just short of the volume seen a year ago at this time. Last week’s FI harvest…

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Whole cottonseed and cotton gin byproduct found to be effective without a decline in performance CARY, N.C. (June 9, 2020) – A recent study found cotton byproducts, including whole cottonseed and cotton gin trash are an effective source of fiber, fat and protein in feedlot rations without adverse effects on performance or carcass characteristics. “Cotton…

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