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Feeds can affect E. Coli levels in cattle manure

by Heather Smith Thomas Several types of E. coli are normal residents in bovine digestive tracts. Some cause illness in baby calves and some (such as E.coli 0157:H7) can cause illness in humans if meat is contaminated by manure on hides at slaughter. Studies have shown that levels of E. coli in the gut (and…

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The role of Beta-Agonists increasing beef production

by Jill J. Dunkel With the world’s population expanding and projected to reach 9.1 billion by 2050, there’s been a lot of talk over the last few years about our capacity to feed the growing population. With weather challenges that much of the U.S. is currently facing, the pressure to produce more food with ag’s…

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Fly Control: Manure Clean-up a Key

comments by James I. Sprague Ph.D Livestock Nutritionist Even though we have excellent chemical agents to control flies, it turns out manure management is a key step for both feedlots and pastured cattle operations. Allen Carmichael owner/manager of CSA Feedlot at Leoti, Kansas confirmed their best tactic is cleaning the pens and selling the manure…

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Parasites Can Suck the Quality Right Out of a Calf

by Miranda Reiman Here’s a quick feedlot riddle: They’re tiny, relatively easy to control and can affect cattle health, performance and carcass quality in a serious way. What are they? Parasites. “Deworming is one of the oldest technologies we have access to from an animal health standpoint and is still one of the most economically…

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Roughage: Effective Fibers

by James I. Sprague, Nutritionist Feed Analysis: CF, ADF, NDF Evaluating roughages in feedlot rations is a mixture of applied science and practical experience by cattle feeders and their advisors. Randy Royal, manager of the Servi-Tech Laboratories, said the “younger nutritionists” that submit samples to their laboratories are now increasingly requesting neutral detergent fiber (NDF)…

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