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Energy – Determine energy level commercial feed label

By: Paul Davis While protein is a component of hooves, hide, hair, organs, muscle and several body chemicals, it still seems that as an industry we tend to overemphasize protein and underemphasize energy. Over my career, spanning hundreds of producer meetings, farm visits and thousands of phone calls, I have contemplated the reasons for our…

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Beef demand, quality up

By: Paul Dykstra Head counts at federally inspected packing plants have been running on par with 2010 numbers, which were already three percent larger than 2009, according to USDA. With favorable feeding weather through the winter and spring, fed-cattle carcass weights were above 2010 by nine pounds for steers, with an eight pound margin for…

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Supplementing cattle on forage doesn’t compromise meat quality

By: Loretta Sorensen Kansas State University (KSU) researchers found that beef producers can combine forage with a shortened, high-concentrate finishing feeding period utilizing dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) without compromising carcass or meat quality traits. The study design included supplementation at zero or one percent of body weight with DDGS on a dry matter…

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Environment, performance and the mono-slope barn

By: Terri Queck Matzie For years, NCBA and other livestock organizations have used science to recommend or defend environmental practices of the cattle feeding industry. A new research project, the Tri-State Air Quality Project is using science to monitor confined animal feeding operations’s affect on air quality. The centerpiece of the effort is a research…

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Checkoff funded program finds alternatives to thin steaks from larger carcasses

By: Wyatt Bechtel A dry, flavorless and thinly cut steak can be enough to sour anyone’s taste for beef. “There is no doubt that cattle are getting bigger, and that will continue,” says Terry Houser, Kansas State University meat scientist. “I don’t think we are going to produce smaller rib-eyed cattle anytime soon or start…

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