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Growth, Grade Correlated to Profit

By Larry Corah, Vice President, Certified Angus Beef LLC You know that genetics set the base for profitability in all segments of the cattle industry. Earlier this year, Shawn Walter and Ron Hale of Professional Cattle Consultants summarized feedlot data showing what kind of cattle generate added dollars. And guess what? The high growth, high…

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Accuracy is Golden

By Laura Conaway Cattle feeders are a driven bunch. Striving toward goals and playing the odds are part of their daily routine. For Allan Sents and his team, quality has been in the cards for many years. When the owner-manager of McPherson County Feeders, near Marquette, Kan., signed on with the Certified Angus Beef ®…

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Ethanol byproducts still pay their way in feedlot rations

By Lyndee Stabel  Paying the feed bill has cleaned out bank accounts faster than Jesse James in recent years, as high corn prices left cattlemen everywhere looking for the cheapest, most efficient alternatives. Answering that search, Galen Erickson shared research results and insight on distillers grains at the Feeding Quality Forums in Omaha, Neb., and…

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Kansas Beef Sector Finds Ways to Minimize Ogallala Depletion While Remaining Economically Viable

By: Katie Allen GARDEN CITY, Kan. – A dry climate, sparse population and availability of water and feed grains led to the development of infrastructure to produce the No. 1 agricultural commodity in Kansas—beef cattle. Western Kansas is well known for its cattle feeding facilities that currently generate more than $7.8 billion annually for the Kansas…

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Herd expansion means tighter supply first

By Lyndee Stabel  In a roomful of cattle feeders, an Oklahoma State University (OSU) livestock marketing specialist had everyone’s full attention as he said there is no way around it: In the next two to three years, the already short supply of feeder cattle will only get tighter. OSU Breedlove Professor Derrell Peel described the…

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