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By the book – Red book offers safe disaster solutions

By: Terri Queck Matzie A feedyard can be a dangerous place. Most operations put a high premium on preventing work-related injury in ordinary, day-to-day operations. One feedlot has gone beyond that – to helping employees cope with unusual circumstances. Cargill Cattle Feeders – Bovina at Bovina, Texas, has a new disaster manual, known as the…

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At Last: After five years of increasing quality, higher premiums take shape

by Paul Dykstra, Weekly author of Rearview Mirror on Quality for Feed-Lot Enews A year ago cattlemen celebrated as 2010 ended with fed cattle cash prices generally above $100/cwt. Now, feedlot operators say anything lower than $120/cwt. will devastate their breakevens — a 17 percent price increase still falls short of generating profit in today’s…

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Winter management: A look at bedding

Cold spells persist throughout many regions of the country, and February and March are known to blow in some winter storms. There are several aspects of feedyard management that can improve cattle performance in the winter, including wind protection, snow and ice removal, feed intake and others. One management addition for winter feeding can make…

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Pricing high moisture feeds

by Mark Roth M.S. P.A.S. Another harvest has gone into the books. Feedyards have made the transition to new crop corn and sorghum and will likely encounter some with excess moisture. Yards may also be feeding from new pits of silage or haylage. Managers are still receiving pulp and tailings from sugar factories, and there…

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Caring for the little ones

The pros and cons of smaller calves in the feedyards by Terri Queck-Matzie Faced with brown, barren pastures and dried up waterholes, cattle producers in the South are exercising one of the few options at their disposal – placing calves in the feedyard at a very young age. “When forage supplies get tight, it’s a…

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