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Four ways to marry implants and carcass quality goals

By: Miranda Reiman 1. Delay implanting until full feed “It’s almost become standard operating procedure around here,” says Robbi Pritchard, of South Dakota State University (SDSU). His team divided 650-pound steers into non-implanted, estradiol-trenbolone acetate (TBA) implant at the start or TBA implant at 850 lb. Implanting increased hot carcass weight under both strategies, but…

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Whats the future of farmer feeders

By: James I. Sprague Farmer cattle feeders have been a long time source of high quality finished cattle. The proportion of cattle fed by this segment of the beef industry has steadily declined compared to the number fed by medium and large commercial feedyards.The ethanol industry has somewhat slowed this trend by supplying the high…

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Feeder cattle supplies continue to dwindle

By: Derrell S. Peel The latest USDA Cattle on Feed report confirmed that feedlots continue to build feedlot inventories. The February 1 on-feed total was 11.514 million head, 106 percent of year earlier levels. However, it should be noted that this is compared to a small February number last year. In fact, the current February…

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Riding the big wave

By: Terri Queck Matzie Beef producers are locked in a cycle of inflation, according to economic experts in the industry. Fat cattle prices are at an all time high, but so are input costs, and neither is likely to let up any time soon. At the root of the problem is low supply in a…

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Feeding cattle with high grain prices

By: James I. Sprague, PH. D. Grain farmers and farm machinery manufacturers are benefiting from the ethanol fuel policy and world demand for corn and other grains. High grain prices have caused a bullish agriculture sector, including the price of farm land and stimulated farm machinery manufacturing. But on the other hand, livestock producers who…

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