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Cattle feeders hall of fame honors four

Four outstanding individuals in the cattle feeding industry were celebrated for their leadership, innovation and dedication during the annual Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame banquet in Denver, Colo. Two notable figures in the cattle-feeding business — Lee Borck and Dave Wood — became the newest class of inductees to join an elite group of pioneers…

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Balancing protein in feedlot rations

By: James I. Sprague Nutritionists either from feed companies or independent consultants are asked by their clients to “balance” their rations. These decisions are not only for protein, but also include energy, minerals, and feed additives. They also must consider the capabilities and situations of each client. They, through education and experience, recognize the complexity…

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House votes to curtail epa overrregulation

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Clean Water Cooperative Federalism Act (H.R. 2018) Wed., July 13, 2011, by a vote of 239-184. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Deputy Environmental Counsel Ashley Lyon said the legislation would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from overruling state decisions on water quality. Lyon said under the Clean Water…

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No expansion yet

By: Paul Dykstra The beef industry began the 2011 calendar with the lowest beef cow herd inventory since the 1950s, after a 1.6 percent annual decline. Supplies may have dropped to a critical level that falls short of demand. At least, record cash cattle prices have many of us wondering about the future. Optimistic cow-calf…

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Sorting out the best – beef empire days

By: Jill Dunkel What started out as a way to promote the  cattle feeding industry back in 1969 is now a source of bragging rights that surrounds a two week celebration known as Beef Empire Days. Held this year during the first two weeks of June, Beef Empire Days highlights one of the largest groups…

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