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Live Cattle Basis Due to Covid-19: Deviations and Convergence

By : Elliott Dennis, Livestock Marketing and Risk Management Economist Photo credit Troy Walz. A Fundamental Review on Basis Basis is defined as the cash minus futures. Cash market reflects today’s supply conditions and price. Futures market reflects upcoming supply and demand conditions. If it is anticipated that there will be a period of increasing supplies, futures prices will decline to reflect that information. Likewise, periods…

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NCBA: New CFAP Details “One More Step, But Much More Needs to Be Done to Help Family-Owned Cow-Calf and Stocker Operations”

Courtesy of WASHINGTON (May 19, 2020) — National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) President Marty Smith today joined President Donald Trump and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue at a White House ceremony to unveil new details about the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP). NCBA was instrumental in securing authorization and funding for the CFAP program, which will provide much-needed relief to American cattle producers who…

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The Brown Stomach Worm: A $2 Billion Problem

Learn how to identify and control the most economically important parasite in today’s cattle herds DULUTH, Ga. (May 21, 2020) — Ostertagia ostertagi is the most common and economically important parasite in cattle. Also known as the brown stomach worm, it is estimated to cost the U.S. cattle industry $2 billion per year due to lost productivity and increased operating expenses.1 “On beef and dairy operations, we’re not…

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Courtesy of Livestock Marketing Information Center Cattle prices, both feeder and fed, have collapsed year-over-year. But, so have feedstuff costs, especially corn and hay. In the short-term, that has significant consequences for the cost of gain in feedlots. As reported by the monthly Kansas State University survey (Focus on Feedlots), the average steer cost of gain for March was $83.41 per cwt. Kansas feedlot projections for…

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CAB INSIDER: Grid values improve, grade runs high

By: Paul Dykstra Last week’s federally inspected cattle harvest brought a much brighter outlook to the supply chain, as it marked a two-week continuance of increased head counts in the country’s packing facilities. A one-week increase of 47K head brought the weekly total to 499K head. That’s just over 1,300 semi-loads of cattle, and a great jump in the right direction. Of course, packers have a…

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