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Weekly Outlook: Cattle prices continue to rise

By: Debra Levey Larson URBANA, Ill. – Cash cattle prices have moved higher this fall, supported by small cattle supplies, a generally favorable demand base, and low feed prices that have sent feeder cattle futures prices to record highs. According to Purdue University Extension economist Chris Hurt, the outlook suggests even higher prices in coming months. “Finished cattle prices fell to summer lows in early August, slightly…

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Daily Livestock Report

Sponsored by CME Group They’re baaaaaaa—-aaaaack! And unlike the bothersome creatures in the movie Gremlins about which that line was famously uttered, we’re happy the people at USDA’s various agencies are back on the job! It didn’t take them long to get back in the swing of things to provide much-needed information to the livestock and meat trade. Before we provide some details on the resumption…

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Cargill to close Lockney, Texas, feed yard

Drought – 2; Cargill – 0. If you’re keeping score, that’s how it’s stacking up after Cargill’s announcement this week. The company announced it is closing its Lockeny feedyard next summer as a result of the drought and decreased cattle numbers. Although the company “hated to make” the decision, director of communications of Cargill said the company couldn’t justify keeping it open. The Lockney feed yard…

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Purdue team heading effort to create ag research data system

By: Keith Robinson WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Purdue University researchers are leading an effort to develop a nationwide, unified system for storing and making available to the public the abundance of research data that could help the agricultural industry and policymakers not only now but also many years in the future. Sylvie Brouder, a professor of agronomy, and five other Purdue agricultural and library sciences faculty and…

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Livestock Data I Miss the Most

By: Darrell S. Peel The lack of data that has accompanied the federal government shutdown has many impacts directly on cattle and beef industry participants.  Many business transactions depend on publically reported markets for pricing points that determine transaction values.  Lack of data also has many impacts on market analysts who synthesize a great deal of data into information about current and future market conditions for…

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