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Producer-investors may be closer to MF Global than they think

By: Lauren Caggiano MF Global was a commodity brokerage, trading house, and clearing house known for its handling of millions of transactions per year from agricultural commodity accounts. At any given time, it held billions of dollars worth of accounts. This is no longer the case, as the company declared bankruptcy on October 31, 2011. In December 2011, the House Agriculture Committee held the first hearing…

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USDA raises projections

By: Luke Schweiterman The USDA cattle on feed report indicated 102 percent on feed (102.5 trade estimate), 98 percent placed (98.8 trade estimate) and 102 percent marketed (100.3 percent trade estimate). The report should be friendly to the cattle market since the major worry seems to be if we can move the beef at these price levels. The marketing number coming in above the average trade…

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Tracking beef’s shrinking footprint

A study published in the Journal of Animal Science found that raising a pound of beef in the US today uses significantly fewer natural resources, including land, water, feed and fuel than in the past. “The Environmental Impact of Beef Production in the United States: 1977 compared with 2007”  by Jude Capper, Ph.D., Washington State University, documents that each pound of beef raised in 2007 used…

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Options expand to save hay resources

Drought conditions in regions throughout North America have placed a great deal of pressure on cattle ranchers, particularly in regards to the cost and availability of hay this winter. In many areas they are faced with a pressing choice: either stretch existing supplies of hay or supplement with additional hay purchased on the open market at inflated prices due to the shortages. Fortunately, new and improved…

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Eas tax burdens with capital investments in 2011

With drought particularly bad in the Southwest, and exceptional drought—the most severe classification—having reached 75 percent of Texas, 52 percent of Oklahoma, and 48 percent of New Mexico in early August, many farmers are thinning herds and selling off cattle to take advantage of strong cattle prices. But the cash generated may be counted as taxable income unless farmers take advantage of tax laws allowing up…

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