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Short corn crop, long price tail: Are we there yet?

URBANA, Ill. – The drought-reduced U.S. corn crop of 2012 created expectations that corn prices would follow a “short crop, long tail” price pattern characterized by a price peak early in the marketing year followed by an unpredictable pattern of declining prices and a return to pre-drought price levels, said University of Illinois agricultural economist Darrel Good. “With a short crop, high prices early in the…

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More than one path to cattle profit

Crossbreeding may fit most producers, but it is not the only logical path, says a leading cattle feeder and an animal scientist. Tom Brink, president of J&F Oklahoma Holdings, says feeding 1.6 million cattle per year at Five Rivers Feedlots has led him to conclude: “Planned crossbreeding is not the problem. Planned straight breeding is not the problem. Breeding cattle without any consistent plan is the…

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Are you doin’ your part to keep consumers lovin’ beef?

When you sell your calves at the local auction market, you pay your $1-per-head beef checkoff to invest in maintaining strong demand for your product. But, did you know that when you harvest an animal and sell the beef through a farmers market, online, or to your friends and neighbors, you also need to pay your share of the checkoff, too? Yep, that’s right. Every cattle…

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Ohio State Farm Policy Expert Offers Farm Bill Update

By: Tracy Turner COLUMBUS, Ohio – As the debate about the future of the 2013 Farm Bill continues, an Ohio State University farm policy expert has issued a summary that provides a detailed overview of the debate and examines the farm bill situation from a political, process and content perspective. The Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives passed a version of the farm bill last week (7/11) that does not…

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Protect Cattle From Heat Stress

Being proactive is the best way to deal with heat stress in cattle. "Once cattle are in a severe state of heat stress, you may be too late to help them," cautions Carl Dahlen, a North Dakota State University Extension Service beef cattle specialist. "Having a solid management plan in place to address heat stress could pay big dividends in the form of maintained animal performance…

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