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Report: Indiana agriculture will need to adapt as climate changes

By : Brian Wallheimer WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Over the coming decades, Hoosier farmers will have to adapt to rising temperatures and changing precipitation patterns that will have some positive but overall more negative effects on row crops, livestock, poultry, specialty crops and soil health, according to the latest report by the Purdue University-based Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment. The report – Indiana’s Agriculture in a…

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Injectable trace minerals improve oxidative stress after aflatoxin challenge in dairy cows

URBANA, Ill. – When dairy cattle consume aflatoxin-contaminated feed, they are lethargic, their appetite wanes, they produce less milk, and their immune system goes awry. Some of those symptoms relate to oxidative stress, in which dangerous free-radicals bounce around, damaging cells. In a new study, researchers at the University of Illinois investigated the potential of injectable trace minerals to reduce the damage and keep dairy cows…

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Questions far outnumber answers in USDA’s tariff relief plans

MANHATTAN, Kan. — Along with producers across the heartland, agricultural economics experts have many questions about a world where tariffs threaten to upend the marketplace for crops and livestock. Among them is Art Barnaby, professor of agricultural economics at Kansas State University, for whom the questions far outnumber answers right now. On Tuesday, July 24, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced the U.S. Department of Agriculture…

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Cattle vs. Beef Cycles

By : Josh Maples, Assistant Professor & Extension Economist, Department of Agricultural Economics, Mississippi State University   The latest USDA Cattle report provided the most recent pieces of information to the ever-evolving cattle inventory picture. The big news was the number of heifers held for replacement declined year-over-year and the 2018 calf crop is estimated to be about two percent larger than 2017. The calf crop…

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The Markets

    Week of Week of Week of Data Source: USDA-AMS Market News   7/27/2018 7/20/2018 7/28/2017       $/cwt   5-Area Fed Steer all grades, live weight $111.73  $112.61  $117.16  all grades, dressed weight $176.22  $179.00  $187.48  Boxed Beef Choice Price, 600-900 lb. $204.83  $204.32  $206.96  Choice-Select Spread $6.81  $7.61  $9.33  700-800 lb. Feeder Steer Montana 3-market — — $151.00  Nebraska 7-market $167.35  $162.05 …

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