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Mexico’s Impact on Cattle on Feed Placements

By : Jared Geiser, Research Assistant and Brenda Boetel, Professor and Extension Economist, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Wisconsin-River Falls   Mexico historically has been an important source of feeder cattle for U.S. cattlemen, with feeder calf imports of approximately 1 million head a year since the mid-1980s. Imports grew from 702,000 head in 2008 to their peak in 2012 at 1.44 million head. The…

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Researchers Recommend U.S. Traceability System

Courtesy of   As the need to develop a U.S. cattle identification and traceability system continues to gain traction among all sectors of the beef industry, David Gregg and his team at World Perspectives recently conducted a feasibility study examining how a nationally significant system could impact economic opportunities and the ability to manage an animal disease outbreak. Gregg presented the study’s findings during yesterday’s…

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Beef cow herd dynamics returning to normal

By : Derrell S. Peel, Oklahoma State University Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist   The beef cattle industry has experienced some extraordinary dynamics in the past decade that provoked unprecedented volatility and record price levels.  An aborted expansion attempt in the mid-2000s was followed by more herd liquidation through 2010; followed by even more drought-forced liquidation in 2011-2013 that pushed cow numbers two million head lower than…

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Blockchain Technology For Beef

BY KATRINA HUFFSTUTLER AND JILL J. DUNKEL   The IBM brand isn’t often associated with the cattle business. But that may change, thanks to the tech giant’s IBM Food Trust and its use of blockchain. That’s just what it sounds like: blocks of information that form a chain, linked via Internet to allow information sharing that is seamless, efficient and secure. Its primary application is between…

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Don’t Skimp on Winter Supplementation

Even though the first few weeks of fall have just “officially” passed, it is never too early to begin thinking about winter. It seems like producers and meteorologists alike have been discussing that this winter could be bitterly cold and snow covered, and if you are one of the many people who refer to the Farmer’s Almanac, you are probably already planning ahead. Hopefully those plans…

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