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Need Responsibly Raised beef? Call Us.

You may have heard Chipotle recently announced they would source grass-fed beef from Australia because the U.S. grass fed beef “that meets our standards” is simply not produced in sufficient quantities to meet our demand.” Do you hear comments on conventional beef vs. grass fed beef? Is one better than the other? Is one an enemy of the other, or are they both promoting beef? Is…

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Beltway Beef Commentary: EPA’s proposed rule on waters of the U.S.

Not sure how ranchers would be affected by the EPA’s proposal on the Waters of the U.S.? Jack Field, Washington cattleman and executive vice president of the Washington Cattlemen’s Association talks about how it would affect producers in the Northwest. Click here to hear what he has to say.  

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Feeder markets continue red hot

Derrell S. Peel, Oklahoma State University Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist Widespread rains over the Memorial weekend may have curtailed holiday activities but were enthusiastically welcomed by cattle producers in the Southern Plains.  Much of the worst drought areas in eastern New Mexico, western Texas and western Oklahoma received rainfall that was very timely for forage production.  USDA’s Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin reports that many locations…

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El Niño Coming Back With a Vengeance — Forecasters

Current weather patterns and satellite information are giving indications of an El Nino event this summer. Earlier in the year, the NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center said we had a 50-50 chance at an El Nino developing. But now those odds have increased to 65%. If that happens, it could mean a wet summer for the West and Southwest areas of the U.S.   Click here to…

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Record feeder prices supported by latest data

Derrell S. Peel, Oklahoma State University Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist Last week, the Oklahoma combined auction price for 450-500 lb., Med/Large, No. 1 steers was $237.27/cwt., up 46 percent from one year ago.  The price for 750-800 lb. steers was $187.32 cwt., up 43 percent for last year.  Feeder cattle prices are at a record level by a large margin.  Fed cattle prices have decreased slightly…

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