Forages for Grass-Fed Beef Production

By : Dr. Gary Bates, Professor and Director, UT Beef and Forage Center, Courtesy of University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture   Success grass-fed beef production is dependent on several factors.  Often producers will focus on cattle issues such as calf health and marketing.  But often minimizing feed cost and optimizing average daily gain are two…

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Foot Rot: Prevention and Treatment

By : Lew Strickland Extension Veterinarian , University of Tennessee Animal Science Department Earlier today, I received a call concerning a problem that all beef cattle producers battle. Foot Rot. This condition is not limited to Tennessee producers. Anywhere there is moist wet abrasive environmental conditions; there is a problem with foot rot. The incidence of…

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Producers Need Disposal Plan for Dead Livestock

The death of animals is part of any livestock operation.“With lambing underway and calving just around the corner, now is the time for producers to have a plan for disposing of the mortalities quickly,” says Mary Keena, North Dakota State University Extension livestock environmental management specialist at the Carrington Research Extension Center. “Timely disposal of these…

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Seedstock Operation Relies on Minerals, Protein to get Cows Rebred

Courtesy of     The mother cow is the foundation of a profitable cow-calf enterprise. Making sure she gets bred, delivers and weans a calf each year is critical for her to maintain her position in the herd. But she can’t do it alone. Progressive cattle producers like Kevin Jensen, Courtland, Kan., know the…

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Benefits of Hiring a Nutritionist

By : Tara L. Felix, Beef Extension Specialist   “Hey Doc, will you throw together a diet for me?” This is one of the most common questions that I have encountered during my stint as the Extension Beef Specialist for Penn State. And, of course, I have a PhD in beef cattle nutrition. I have…

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