Weed Management Considerations Following a Wet Winter

By : Dr. J.D. Green, Extension Weed Scientist, University of Kentucky   Extensive wet weather conditions during the past fall and winter have resulted in pasture fields that have bare soil and thin vegetative cover, particularly in areas that have been used for winter feeding. Fields with thin stands of desirable pasture species are more…

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March Snow Brings April Mud

  By : Kris Kohl, ISU Extension Ag Engineering SpecialistWe have just finished a very snowy, cold February, and March is normally the snowiest month of the year. The question is often asked “What can be done to minimize the cost and spend my time productively when the weather seems to be against me?” Moving snow…

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10 Simple Amenities That Will Boost Employee Morale

By : Tracey Erickson, SDSU Extension Dairy Field Specialist, Courtesy of   Within the dairy and livestock industry we spend a majority of our time focused on animal comfort and care. We know this is extremely important, we also know that it is vital to the success of our operations and is highly valued…

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Over-seeding old pastures

By :  Dirk Philipp, U of A System Division of Agriculture   LITTLE ROCK — Perennial pastures usually take a lot of money and hard work to establish, but years of use can lead to various problems including overgrazing and weed infestations. But there are ways to freshen up your “out of shape” pastures. Tall…

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Windbreaks for Protection and Snow Diversion

By : Brad Schick, Nebraska Extension Educator   In cold and windy situations, protection for livestock will reduce cold stress and aid in calving success and energy requirements. Photo credit Troy Walz. Shelter for livestock during the winter months can influence the success of calving and a livestock operation. Protection from the wind and snow…

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