Frequently Asked Questions about Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) in Farm Ponds used to Water Livestock

By: Michelle Arnold, DVM-Ruminant Extension Veterinarian (UKVDL) Water is the most essential nutrient in the diet of cattle and during hot and dry weather, it is especially important to monitor water quality if using farm ponds for livestock. What is a “harmful algae bloom” or “HAB”? During periods of hot and dry weather, rapid growth of…

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Understanding Feed and Forage Test Results

By: Steve Boyles, OSU Beef Extension Specialist Properly interpreting a forage sample analysis report may be the most important thing you can do for your cows this winter! Previous articles in this publication have established the critical need for forage analysis on the various timings and cuttings of forages that have been made throughout Ohio…

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Is Whole Pasture Spraying Necessary?

By: James Doyle, SDSU Extension Natural Resource Management Field Specialist A lush, native South Dakota pasture with a variety of grasses, flowers, and plants growing throughout. Diverse native pasture in South Dakota. Courtesy: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Broadcast spraying is a common means of controlling undesirable, or perceived weedy plants in a pasture in…

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GASL meeting: Innovation key to livelihoods, economic growth

MANHATTAN, Kan. – Innovation is the key which will unlock greater sustainability, economic growth, and nutritional security for the world’s livestock producers, as they face the challenges of a growing global population and ongoing challenges such as anti-microbial resistance. That’s the core message being discussed at Kansas State University this week. Delegates from 22 nations…

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Animal welfare involves different meanings and approaches

MANHATTAN, Kan. – A series of presentations from experts in animal health and welfare demonstrated the complexity of the topic during the third plenary session at an international livestock conference on Monday. The Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock brought nearly 300 leaders in industry, government, civil society and academia together at Kansas State University to…

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