Grazing Workshop to Feature Cover Crop Integration

ARDMORE, Okla. — Pasture management can be a challenge for landowners and agricultural producers, especially considering the complex environmental conditions found in the Southern Great Plains. To support farmers and ranchers, the Noble Research Institute will host a Systems Approach to Pasture Management Workshop from 8 a.m. to noon, Tuesday, July 24, 2018, at the…

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Watch for Grasshopper Population Outbreaks

By : Adam J. Varenhorst, Assistant Professor & SDSU Extension Field Crop Entomologist, SDSU Agronomy, Horticulture and Plant Science Department, Courtesy of Written collaboratively by Adam Varenhorst, Amanda Bachmann, Philip Rozeboom, Patrick Wagner, and Erica Anderson. Our early prediction of grasshopper populations was that there would be areas where outbreaks would be possible during…

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 Producers with livestock in confinement can take steps to prevent heat stress during periods of high temperatures, elevated humidity, low wind speeds and high solar radiation. Veterinarians and animal scientists say effective strategies include feeding schedules that avoid the internal heat build-up animals experience with normal digestion during the hottest part of the day. Maximizing…

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Considerations for use of drought-stressed corn for cattle

by Jaymelynn Farney, beef systems specialist, Parsons, KS Throughout Kansas, there are areas of extreme drought and even in areas that show adequate moisture on the drought monitor, rain has been very “spotty” so some corn is beginning to look tough.  Luckily, cattle are one potential option to salvage some value if the corn crop…

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Feeding Sprouted or Otherwise Damaged Wheat to Beef Cattle

By : Steve Boyles, OSU Extension Beef Cattle Specialist   In light of the delay in wheat harvest caused by the weather, last week I was asked if sprouted or otherwise damaged wheat had much feed value in a beef ration. The answer is, “Yes, it does.” Wheat can be used to replace a part…

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