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By : Don Tyler   It is a true blessing for a successful business to have a patriarch or matriarch (I’ll use patriarch for both roles for simplicity in this article) that has moved out of their day-to-day leadership role, yet is still available to share their unique wisdom when the need occurs. They are…

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The New (Dis)order in Today’s Markets

By : Abbie Burnett Why cattle ranchers have one of the most positive outlook “Economic and political order has become disorder,” said AgResource president Dan Basse, in market analysis comments at the 2019 Feeding Quality Forum in Amarillo, Texas. In a third of the world’s economies today, Germany included, banks charge you to keep money…

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“Who do you want to work for you?”

By : Aaron Berger, Nebraska Extension Beef Educator   Finding and hiring the right person for a position starts first with clearly identifying the role and responsibilities this person will have. Photo credit Troy Walz. Employee and family business working relationships are often one of the greatest challenges for those working in agricultural operations. Frequently…

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Grass Awns Can Cause Significant Medical Problems to Animals

By : Time McDermott, DVM, OSU Extension Educator, Franklin County (originally published in Farm and Dairy) Because foxtail awn are shaped similar to a lawn dart, they can become lodged somewhere in a grazing animal and medical or surgical care may be required in order to remove it safely. It seems like foxtail grass has taken over…

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The Science Behind 50-degree Soil and Nitrogen Application

By : Leslie Johnson, UNL Animal Manure Management Coordinator, Dan Anderson, Iowa State University This article was originally published on the “Manure Scoop” by Dan Andersen on September 11, 2015 and has been modified and published here with his permission. Every year we hear a chorus of reminders to wait until soil temperatures at the 4-inch depth…

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