Cracking the Consumer Code

By: Katrina Huffstutler Today’s food supply is safer, more affordable and more available than ever before, and yet consumers are more skeptical than they’ve ever been. Here’s what you can do. Two trends 45 years in the making have collided, causing a ripple effect on the entire food industry, explained Charlie Arnot at last fall’s…

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Riding the Wave

By: Terri Queck-Matzie Expect the unexpected is the word from Dr. Nevil Speer, Vice president, U.S. Operations with AgriClear. “Volatility is really the key,” says Speer, who highlighted the message at the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association annual convention in Des Moines. “You know how tough and challenging commodity markets are. They can eat you up any…

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Water Woes – What Water WOTUS Means in the Feed Yard

By: Terri Queck-Matzie Thanks in no small part to beef industry efforts, the Environmental Protection Agency’s plans to tighten its control over the Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) is loosing steam. But whether or not this version of the movement gains traction, the U.S. water supply will no doubt be the subject of ever-tightening regulation.…

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Tax Credits For Employee Healthcare Premiums

By: Mark Battersby The U.S. Supreme Court in King v. Burwell, ruled the tax subsidies for health insurance provided by the federal government to citizens in the 34 states that have not established the health insurance marketplaces or exchanges were legal. That means, some six million people, including the nearly 3.5 million people in small-business…

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Maximizing Your New Year

By: Don Tyler, Tyler & Associates Even though most people are reluctant to change, it seems that the New Year is the best time to introduce new policies and procedures, new strategies for improvement and to implement opportunities for personal and professional growth. I think this is even more prevalent in agriculture because we are…

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