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Withstanding market volatility

By: Luke Schwieterman It seems the cattle market lately has been the victim of excess volatility from outside markets. At the time of this article being written, the Dow is down 400 points over worry that Europe’s banking problems may bleed over into the US banking system. Without political leadership, the world seems to be…

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Repurposing offers solutions for the industry

For ranchers and feedlot owners, creating an environment that is pleasant and simple for both owner and animal can often require creative thinking and a substantial investment. Fortunately, Repurposed Materials Inc. out of Denver, Colorado, is doing some of the creative thinking and now offers some solutions for the industry. This is done by sourcing…

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Are activists courting your employees

By: Don Tyler, Though the cases are somewhat rare at this point in time, extreme animal activist groups are infiltrating livestock operations. In a recent case an employee for “Mercy for Animals,” an “animal rights advocacy” group, got himself hired under false pretenses and admitted to participating in “abusive” behaviors while he was recording the…

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Southern carcass improvement project update

A survey designed to estimate the value of the Southern Carcass Improvement Project (SCIP) cattle as 60-day weaned feeder calves was recently completed by feedyard managers, stocker producers, and auction market operators. A total of 95 experienced cattle market participants from a dozen states were asked to gauge the value of each of the two…

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The Corn Factor

By: Luke Schwieterman The big news in the USDA July Supply and Demand report was corn ending stocks estimated at 870 million bushels which is 175 million more than a month ago but 143 million bushels less than the average trade guess. We have to go back to the June 30 stocks report were USDA…

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