Whole Pond test Electronic Sensors Improve Accuracy

By: John George, Agricultural Engineering Associates We discussed why a “whole pond” test is required in last month’s issue. Now, let’s discuss what a “whole pond test” is. Lagoon seepage has historically been measured with stand pipes driven into the liner or with laboratory tests of soil liner cores. Both tests represent as little as…

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Rethinking Labor Costs

By: Don Tyler As government regulations, benefit costs and local competition push up labor costs, many producers are sharpening their pencils and trying to find some areas to trim these costs without discouraging their employees. The number of employees needed in most ranch and feedlot operations is fairly consistent from year-to-year, and if we add…

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Question: What is a “Whole Pond (Lagoon) Seepage Test” and why is it Required?

By: John George, Agricultural Engineering Associates Let’s consider the “WHY” first! Earthen lagoons are commonly used for manure/wastewater storage/treatment. While true “zero” seepage is not possible with simple earthen lagoons, decades of experience has proven that most soils in their naturally existent condition seep at such a small rate as to prevent any significant impact…

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Transportation Symposium Set

Transporting livestock is an important part of the production process. The Cattle Transportation Symposium, funded in part by the beef checkoff, will provide a venue for industry experts and stakeholders to gather and discuss issues, research, and solutions that directly relate to cattle transportation. The goal is to provide clarity about the state of the…

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Purdue specialist lists guidelines for buying used farm machinery

By: Emma Hopkins WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Prices for used farm machinery have been trending lower in the past year due to a surplus of inventory at dealerships, but buying used may not always be the best option, a Purdue University expert says. Robert Stwalley, assistant professor of agricultural and biological engineering, urges farmers thinking…

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