Public Lands Council to Fund Federal Lands Ranching Projects, Opens Proposal Application Period

WASHINGTON (April 10, 2018) – Today the Public Lands Council (PLC) launched a formal Request for Proposals (RFP) for projects designed to strengthen the long-term viability of the public lands ranching industry. Funded by the PLC Endowment Trust, the RFP provides financial support to projects addressing key issues across the federal lands ranching industry. While…

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New Technologies for Range and Pasture Management

By : Mitch Stephenson, UNL Range Management Specialist These programs are not meant to take the place of on-the-ground monitoring and management, but they provide tools for the rancher tool kit to assist in the adaptive management of rangelands. Photo credit Troy Walz. As technology improves and continually moves forward, more and more information can…

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FAQ: Grass Tetany

Start Preventive Measures Now By : Dr. Michelle Arnold, Ruminant Extension Veterinarian, University of Kentucky Veterinary Diagnostic Lab   What is “Grass Tetany” and when are cattle most likely to have it? Grass tetany, also known as  spring tetany, grass staggers, wheat pasture poisoning, winter tetany or lactation tetany, is a condition due to a…

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Advanced Interviewing Skills

By : Don Tyler Let’s face it, most of the people that we interview for open positions today have more experience being interviewed, than we do at being an interviewer. As an employer, that puts us at a  disadvantage, along with the growing list of questions we cannot legally ask during an interview. Additionally, previous…

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Pastures Flooded with Potentially Contaminated Water: Is it safe?

By : Mary Drewnoski, Nebraska Extension Beef Systems Specialist, Steve Ensley, Kansas State University, Clinical Toxicologist, and Kristen Ulmer, Nebraska Extension Educator   After pastures have been flooded, taking precautions when turning out for grazing is important. Once the pastures dry out and receive adequate sunlight, the bacteria that were on the grass in pasture…

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