Proper dosage is critical for efficacy, economics and cattle health

By: Heather Smith Thomas When treating cattle with antibiotics, dewormers and other medications, it is important to administer proper dosage—which is generally determined by weight of the animal. You need to know the weight, rather than guessing. Under-dosing may not give desired results, and overdosing in some instances can be harmful. With dewormers, under-dosing won’t…

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What’s in your hay?

By : Ted Wiseman, OSU Extension, Perry County (originally published in The Ohio Cattleman) I don’t think that anyone would be surprised if I stated that getting hay made this spring was a real struggle.  Spring arrived with beef cows in some of the poorest body conditions that we have seen in years.  It is…

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Forage Sampling Procedures

By: Warren Rusche, SDSU Extension Beef Feedlot Management Associate Proper sampling of forage is essential if we want to obtain an accurate indication of the nutrient composition, dry matter content, or value of any feedstuff. Correct sampling and analysis is even more important under conditions that might increase feedstuff variability, such as challenging growing conditions.…

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Pricing standing forage

Courtesy of: Michigan State University Extension Editor’s note: Many of the concepts and some of the language in this article are adapted from “How to Price Standing Forage” by Ted Bay, Rhonda Gildersleeve, Ken Barnett, and Dan Undersander, University of Wisconsin Crop Manager Fact Sheets, May 15, 2008. Sales of standing forage require an estimate…

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Valuing Standing Oat or Spring Triticale Cover Crops for Feed

By: Mark Sulc, Extension Forage Agronomist, Dianne Shoemaker, Extension Field Specialist, Dairy, Bill Weiss, Extension Dairy Nutritionist, Stan Smith, OSU Extension PA, Ben Brown, Agriculture Risk Management Oats planted in late summer and originally intended as a cover crop are also high quality and valuable feed. Considering the current shortage of quality forages, and the…

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