Winter Grazing Stockpiled Forages, and Frost Seeding

By : Victor Shelton, NRCS State Agronomist/Grazing Specialist Extreme frost-heaving of the soil. (Photo: NRCS Victor Shelton) It is 45 degrees outside today as I write this article. I normally appreciate mild winter weather, but when it rains, and temperatures remain above freezing, except for a frivolous teasing of heavy frosts, a pasture can get pretty…

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Wet Corn: Storage and Late Harvest Options

Courtesy of   BROOKINGS, S.D. – Due to uncooperative weather conditions in areas of the state, harvest 2018 saw many South Dakota farmers facing a difficult decision – harvest wet grain or let it stand in the field. Whatever their final decision, SDSU Extension Agronomy Field Specialist Sara Bauder provides advice and options to farmers.…

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Management of Mold and Quality Issues of Late-Harvested Forages

By : Sandy Johnson, Extension Beef Specialist, Colby, Steve Ensley, DVM, K-State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, and John Holman, Agronomy, Garden City In some areas of Kansas, summer moisture produced good tonnage of forage sorghum and other forages intended for winter livestock feeding. Heavy windrows extended drying time and some forage that was on the ground for…

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Managing Limited Hay Supplies

By : Dr. Jeff Lehmkuhler, Associate Extension Professor, University of Kentucky Steps: Determine hay needs – Hay needed to overwinter a cow can be estimated relatively easily. If you know the mature weights of your cows, multiply the average weight by 3% and then by the expected number of days you will feed hay. For example,…

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Forages for Grass-Fed Beef Production

By : Dr. Gary Bates, Professor and Director, UT Beef and Forage Center, Courtesy of University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture   Success grass-fed beef production is dependent on several factors.  Often producers will focus on cattle issues such as calf health and marketing.  But often minimizing feed cost and optimizing average daily gain are two…

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