Crisis Leadership: What Your Employees Need from You Now

By: Don Tyler is Owner of Tyler & Associates ( and has been an Executive and Management Coach for Ag Clients for over 25 years.  He can be reached at 765-490-0353 or As we progress through the stages of crisis leadership, we need to keep in mind that on top of the additional intensity…

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Water Quality Can Impact Livestock Production

Sources : Miranda Meehan, Tom Scherer and Ellen Crawford, NDSU Agriculture Providing adequate water to livestock is critical for animal health andproduction. “Good-quality water can have a major impact on your cattle’s intake and weight gain,” says Miranda Meehan, North Dakota State University Extension livestock environmental stewardship specialist. Canadian studies have shown the quality of…

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Net Wrap Removal Made Easy

By : Olivia Amundson, SDSU Extension Cow/Calf Field Specialist, Courtesy of I was approached by a cattle producer about efficiently removing net wrap. As many of you know, net wrap has its advantages as well as disadvantages, but is largely used as a hay binding material. Current research being conducted at the Cottonwood Field…

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K-State Plans “Troubleshooting Uncertain Times in the Beef Industry” Webinar

MANHATTAN, Kan. – Registration is now open for a webinar that will assist Kansas beef cattle producers as they navigate the impacts of COVID-19. “This webinar is being conducted to help beef producers assess their current nutrition and management strategies in light of the challenges to the beef market created by COVID-19,” says Dr. Dale…

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Using Vaccines This Spring? Keep ‘Em Cool.

By Rhonda Brooks, Courtesy of Texas A & M University Agriculture and Life Sciences Vaccines are effective tools against a host of cattle diseases but how they’re handled – from the time purchased to the time used – can significantly affect their efficacy. “It’s our job to keep as much of that vaccine effectiveness as…

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