Keeping Your Vaccines Viable

By: Tracey Erickson, SDSU Extension Dairy Field Specialist Vaccines are a vital part of keeping all livestock healthy. Vaccines help in the prevention of disease, which results in less utilization of antibiotics due to fewer sick animals. Vaccines provide protective immunity approximately 21 days following the initial vaccination in the majority of livestock. Some vaccines…

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Feeding quality hay can reduce waste

MANGHAM, La. — Cattle producers can limit the amount of time cattle feed on hay without any negative effects if the hay has good nutritional quality, an LSU AgCenter forage specialist said at an AgCenter beef and forage field day on Sept. 19. Wink Alison said cattle waste as much as 50% of hay if…

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How to Take Control of Pinkeye

Consider these management practices to keep your herd protected. Pinkeye is more than an inconvenience in cattle herds. It’s a highly contagious disease that’s painful for animals, can significantly reduce calf growth rates, and can even lead to blindness, if left untreated. The good news is there are several management practices most cattlemen can implement…

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“Why would I want to work for you?”

By : Aaron Berger, Nebraska Extension Beef Educator Fair and competitive compensation for work that is done is certainly important in attracting and keeping employees in agricultural operations, but it is only a part of what motivates people. Photo credit Troy Walz. Unemployment across the United States is at historically low numbers.  According to the…

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Hurricane Preparedness for Livestock

by: Joe C. Paschal, Ph.D., Extension Livestock Specialist, Texas A&M University Livestock owners should “hurricane-ize” their livestock each year prior to hurricane season. This would include making sure their livestock are current on their vaccinations (blackleg, leptospirosis, tetanus, encephalitis). Additional feed, hay and water supplies should be purchased several days prior to landfall and stored…

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