AgrAbility publication helps guard against back problems

By: Keith Robinson WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Farmers, ranchers and anyone involved in agriculture and home gardening can learn how to reduce the risks of developing back problems with a new publication by AgrAbility.  BACK on the Farm, BACK in the Saddle also includes information on how to manage existing back problems. "Back problems are…

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Strategies of the Best Managers

By: Don Tyler In working with all types of livestock production, I am privileged to work with some of the top producing operations of cattle, swine and dairy businesses. Each of their strategies have a unique approach based on the needs of their business, but there are some commonalities between them that have allowed them…

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Are we there yet?

By: Luke Schweiterman Maybe, maybe not. We’ve discussed the bullish fundamentals in the cattle market for the last several years and now it’s happening. The favorite question from customers is, “Where’s the top?” Remember the drought was the significant cause of today’s shortage of cattle. It will take a couple of years to rebuild what…

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Keep Cattle Healthy Without Antibiotics

By: Heather Smith Thomas With advent of vaccines and antibiotics, keeping cattle healthy became easier. Use of pathogen-killing drugs is questioned today however, with increase in resistant pathogens—and residues if drugs are used inappropriately. The beef industry is looking at alternatives to antimicrobial use. Key factors include reducing exposure to disease-causing pathogens and keeping immunity…

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Quality Matters

By: Grant Mourer No matter what business you’re in, quality brings value to your product. It’s no different in the beef industry except the definition of quality may differ slightly from producer to producer or segment to segment. Calves that have the genetic potential to gain and gain efficiently would by most be considered the…

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