Protecting costs in a bull market

By: Luke Schwieterman Cattle continue their trek higher as this week’s trade began at $111 ($5.00 more than last week) being paid at feedlots. The squeeze between imports and exports continues with December beef imports down 23.7 percent over last year and exports up 31.5 percent. As we discussed in the last article, this shift…

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Hiring and self promotion

By: Don Tyler  In recent years agriculture, and livestock producers in particular, have been experiencing a phenomenon that we were unaccustomed to—a well-funded and highly organized opposition to what we do. Their tactics are over-the-top, but can still have an effect on what young people, and even people in our local community, think about working…

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Be prepared in the event of a disaster

Spring time is thunderstorm season across the Plains. Spring storms occasionally bring severe winds or even tornadoes. Windy spring days also can cause wildfires to move rapidly across range lands. Cleaning up after a severe storm or wildfire is difficult enough. Losing valuable cattle brings additional financial hardship to the situation.  Cattle loss can occur…

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Where are my tools?

By: Don Tyler The frustration increases as every person who comes into the shop is interrogated on where they last saw the tool.  Soon, calls go out over the radio and the investigation turns into an inquisition of historic proportions causing even the most organized mechanics to question their sanity. As the manager gets involved…

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Winter manure application strategies

By: Greg Brenneman Based on potential nutrient losses and water quality degradation, winter manure application is not recommended.  However, if you do need to make winter manure applications because of limited storage or an early fall freeze, there are several things to consider to minimize nutrient losses and water quality degradation. The usual recommendations for…

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