Up Up & Away

By: Don Tyler Last year at this time, cash cattle were bringing $125 per hundred weight. Last week Kansas cattle sold for $145, roughly 16 percent higher. Asking prices are 147 – 148 this week. It’s been an amazing time and looks to become even more so. In the February USDA Supply and Demand report,…

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Those Expensive Misclassified Workers

Independent contractors have long been a proven path for feedlots, cow/calif operations and other employers to achieve workforce flexibility and save money. Choosing to classify workers as independent contractors can obviously be a money saver, but it’s also a huge IRS target and a proven way to wind up making expensive mistakes that can cost…

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Recognition & Appreciation

By: Don Tyler I’ve been working directly with employees in agricultural operations from North Carolina to Hawaii for over 18 years, and in the thousands of one-on-one interviews that I’ve done, I have never heard an employee say, “You know…one of the biggest problems about working here is that I get appreciated way too much!”…

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AgrAbility publication helps guard against back problems

By: Keith Robinson WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Farmers, ranchers and anyone involved in agriculture and home gardening can learn how to reduce the risks of developing back problems with a new publication by AgrAbility.  BACK on the Farm, BACK in the Saddle also includes information on how to manage existing back problems. "Back problems are…

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Strategies of the Best Managers

By: Don Tyler In working with all types of livestock production, I am privileged to work with some of the top producing operations of cattle, swine and dairy businesses. Each of their strategies have a unique approach based on the needs of their business, but there are some commonalities between them that have allowed them…

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