Business Protection, the Importance of Contracts

By: Terri Queck-Matzie Used to be all it took to seal a deal was a couple ole boys and a firm handshake. Not so in today’s world of complex ag business. Chad Lee, an attorney in Fort Worth, Texas, says even the simplest of transactions necessitate a well-written contract. “It’s important to know how to…

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Checkoff featuring U.S. Beef in Middle East

U.S. beef exports set a record in 2013. And while Asia remains a strong center of demand for U.S. beef, you may be surprised to learn that countries in the Middle East are also key export customers.  Idaho and California beef producer Kim Brackett, Chair of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board, said over 80,000 poeple attended…

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Up Up & Away

By: Don Tyler Last year at this time, cash cattle were bringing $125 per hundred weight. Last week Kansas cattle sold for $145, roughly 16 percent higher. Asking prices are 147 – 148 this week. It’s been an amazing time and looks to become even more so. In the February USDA Supply and Demand report,…

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Those Expensive Misclassified Workers

Independent contractors have long been a proven path for feedlots, cow/calif operations and other employers to achieve workforce flexibility and save money. Choosing to classify workers as independent contractors can obviously be a money saver, but it’s also a huge IRS target and a proven way to wind up making expensive mistakes that can cost…

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Recognition & Appreciation

By: Don Tyler I’ve been working directly with employees in agricultural operations from North Carolina to Hawaii for over 18 years, and in the thousands of one-on-one interviews that I’ve done, I have never heard an employee say, “You know…one of the biggest problems about working here is that I get appreciated way too much!”…

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