Helping control BVD in real-world scenarios

Maintaining and managing the health of any type of herd animal can present some daunting challenges for producers and veterinarians, when considering diseases such as bovine viral diarrhea, or BVD, in cow-calf operations. Now, those trying to develop strategies to control BVD can rely on a new Internet-based tool developed at the Kansas State University…

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BeefTalk: How Do We Get the Next Generation to Raise Beef?

By: Kris Ringwall "Cattle and crops: Together we stand, divided we fall." Among the numerous commentaries on agriculture, is that really true? The other day, I had a major flashback. I climbed in a new tractor and sat down. I had this unearthly feeling that I was sitting in the cockpit of a major jet.…

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By: Chris Hurt I thought finished cattle prices were going to have a very bullish year with prices well into the $130s by now. Live cattle futures started the year with the same enthusiasm, but have deflated since.  What went wrong?  The mystery can be unraveled by looking at supply and demand. On the supply…

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Economist: Livestock producers should expect bright future

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – More efficient land use, a stalled demand for corn ethanol and increased demand for meat in developing countries should help boost the livestock industry in coming years, according to a Purdue University agricultural economist. Farzad Taheripour, a research assistant professor of agricultural economics, used Food and Agriculture Organization and U.S. Department…

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Export Market Downturn Raise U.S. Meat Consumption

Livestock Market Information Center — For the month of February (latest official data available), U.S. beef, pork, and broiler exports were below expectations. Compared to a year ago, in February beef export tonnage dropped 2.5%, pork by 12.7%, and broilers by 7.5%. Year-on-year, tonnage of beef and pork sold to Japan dropped of 3.1% and…

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