Controlling Burdock

by Heather Smith Thomas To successfully control an undesirable plant, learn how it grows and reproduces. Mowing or spraying at the wrong time of year may be wasted effort and expense. You must attack it when it is most vulnerable. Burdock is a perfect example, according to Dr. Don Morishita, University of Idaho Professor of…

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Developing an Integrated Pest Management Plan

The science behind fly control has advanced dramatically in the last 40 years. A variety of products — both chemical and biological — used in conjunction with proper sanitation can help reduce the economic losses associated with these flying pests. Entomologists advise starting an integrated pest management (IPM) plan long before flies are active. Improved…

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Fly Control: Manure Clean-up a Key

comments by James I. Sprague Ph.D Livestock Nutritionist Even though we have excellent chemical agents to control flies, it turns out manure management is a key step for both feedlots and pastured cattle operations. Allen Carmichael owner/manager of CSA Feedlot at Leoti, Kansas confirmed their best tactic is cleaning the pens and selling the manure…

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Strategic Deworming: Time it Right

Planning Ahead Can Have a Positive Impact on Cow/Calf Health and Productivity by Jon Seeger, DVM, Veterinary Operations, Pfizer   Strategic deworming success is the result of precise timing. Once perfected, cow/calf producers can expect to see many benefits to their operations — not only in their wallets but in the health and productivity of…

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Timing Important to Kill Mesquite

Ranchers across the US deal with pasture pests, weeds, brush and cactus that steal water and surface area away from grass that feed their cattle. One pasture pest is a complete menace to ranchers across the Southwestern United States. The mesquite tree, a brushy tree with thorns, covers more than 74 million acres in the southwest.…

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