Protein supplementation using urea

Urea is not protein, but for the ruminant (cattle, sheep, deer, goats) it does have the potential equivalent of 281% crude protein under certain circumstances. The items to consider bringing this about deal with the animal’s age, the quantity of fermentable carbohydrates provided in the animal’s diet and the other forms of protein in the…

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2013 grain prices will be dictated by weather

Grain prices for 2013 will hinge on favorable weather patterns following the devastating 2012 drought in the Midwest, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service economist. “It’s all about the weather,” said Dr. Mark Welch, grains marketing economist. “You’ve got higher prices, and the yield potential is greater if they can get rain.” Texas…

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Ferrell-Ross Manufacturing, Inc. announces new President

Upon recommendation by the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing, Inc., the members voted December 14th, 2012, by majority to name Mr. Clay Gerber as President of the company with Mr. David C. Ibach Jr. continuing on as CEO.                      Clay Gerber, President                                                 David C. Ibach Jr., CEO   Clay…

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UW Extension Bulletin Outlines Personal Protective Equipment for Farm, Ranch Safety

A new University of Wyoming Extension publication offers suggestions to ranchers and farmers purchasing and using personal protective equipment. Every day, 243 agricultural workers in America suffer serious lost-work time injuries, and 5 percent of these injuries result in permanent impairment, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. “In 2010, the injury rate for…

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Short Forage – Big Problems

Dave Sparks, DVM, Oklahoma State University Extension Area Veterinarian I hear it every day.   All across Oklahoma ranchers are looking at short winter pastures, scarce and expensive hay, and high supplement costs.  The temptation is to hope that the cows can make the winter and then everything will be better next year.  Unfortunately for some…

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