USDA Data Gathering Important to Agribusiness

By: Luke Schwieterman Past data from the Government shutdown is slowly trickling in. The key word in that sentence is “slowly.” USDA indicates that past missing data from mandatory reports will be filled in by the end of the month for most reports. In the next shutdown, we hope USDA finds that their data gathering…

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How Deductible is that Holiday Party?

By: Mark Battersby  Although the owners and managers of many feedlot, stocker and cow-calf operations clearly know how to celebrate and show their appreciation to both customers and employees, few are aware that Uncle Sam, in the form of our tax laws, is more than happy to pick up part of the cost. Even fewer…

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Cash Cattle Post Higher Prices

Cash cattle markets finally posted higher prices over the last couple of weeks. Feedyard supplies of market ready cattle generally trend lower this time of year and we are seeing that in the showlist the last couple of weeks. Choice box beef in the past couple of years have trended higher into the end of…

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How to effectively calculate grazing land values

Pasture land has been in short supply in recent years throughout the Midwest primarily due to record high grain prices and other commodity pressures. It appears the trend has peaked for corn and is headed back to a “new normal” trading range for grain. Pressure may still be on grazing lands in the short term…

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CME Group – Daily Livestock Report

December 18, 2013 Analysts expect Friday’s Cattle on Feed report from USDA to show slightly higher placements than one year ago but another month of lower feedlot inventories. That according to the monthly survey of analysts released by Urner Barry on Tuesday. Note that Urner Barry, best known as the publisher of The Yellow Sheet price report, is the…

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