AgriLife Research ecologist: Production comes after restoration of rangeland

By: Kay Ledbetter VERNON – A healthy agro-ecosystem is critical to productive, stable rangeland. Land managers trying to restore an ecosystem and productivity must understand it requires a different process of allocating resources under differing situations, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Research ecologist. A healthy ecosystem is necessary for ranch productivity, according to Dr. Richard…

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Daily Livestock Report For 11/4/2013

The combination of sharply lower corn prices (down 45% from a year ago) and livestock prices that remain near all time record highs has dramatically changed the profit outlook for producers going forward. Predictably, the response has been to reduce the number of beef cows and sows that are sent to market each week. These…

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Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

By: Dave Sparks DVM Do you suffer from sticker shock when you order or pick up the vaccines for your herd health program?  Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to lower these costs without putting your animals’ health at risk, but you can do some things to ensure that you are getting your…

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Daily Livestock Report

On Friday we provided an overview of the changes in cattle numbers in key countries and the implications this had for US beef imports/exports in the coming year. But as some of our readers correctly pointed out, our discussion omitted India, a country that has emerged as a significant global supplier of bovine meat in…

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In The Cattle Markets

By: Matthew A. Diersen Last week I delivered a risk management presentation for cattle producers interested in livestock insurance. Initially is seemed like an odd time of year to be thinking about falling cattle prices. But after visiting with the audience a little, they were interested in what might happen to prices much later this…

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