Employee Management In An Unpredictable Year

Though not unprecedented, we are in one of those eras in the commodity markets where nearly everything is at the bottom of its price cycle. I recently saw one of those inspirational posters showing storm clouds over an ocean full of huge waves. The view of the ocean was from the captain’s helm with the caption, “Anyone can man the helm when the seas are calm.”…

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2017 World Beef Trade: Major Exporters

By: Derrell S. Peel, Oklahoma State University Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist Global beef exports are expected to increase year over year in 2017 with growth in several major beef exporting countries supported by growing production in most cases.  However, the situations vary among beef exporting countries and market conditions will keep international markets dynamic for the foreseeable future.  Beef exports from the top four exporting countries (Brazil,…

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End Of Year Tax Planning

Many livestock operations should already be turning to their advisors for tips and strategies on how to reduce their operation’s — and their own — tax bill. Fortunately, every operator has at their disposal a number of basic strategies along with several unusual year-end moves to help reduce the annual tax bill. Generally, a profitable cattle operation will want to accelerate deductions and defer income. By…

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The Danger Of Assumptions

By: Don Tyler It is always best to use facts when they are available, but sometimes we don’t have all the facts we need to make a decision. We may have to make the decision quickly and do our best with the information available at the time, but too often people seem to prefer making assumptions rather than doing the work of determining the facts. Perhaps…

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Ag Outlook: External Factors Play Big Role

By: Miranda Reiman “Who is going to flinch first?” Dan Basse, president of AgResource Co., said that’s the main question he and his team ponder when looking at this “plateau” phase in the ag markets. “Is it your neighbor that’s going to cut back? Is it you?” the analyst asked, as he addressed cattle feeders and allied industry representatives at the Feeding Quality Forum last month.…

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