Looking at Another Run Higher?

by Luke Schwieterman, President of Schwieterman INC. Cattle on feed estimates for the March report are 102.3 percent on feed, 102.7 percent placed and 99.5 percent marketed. The trade estimates pretty much line up with the five year averages. We would guess that the marketing number will be above 100 percent since domestic use and exports continue to surprise market analysts. Since the end of February,…

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Profiting from losses

By: Mark Battersby It may come as quite a surprise, but many feedlot operators are actually profiting from their losses. That’s right, handled properly those inevitable losses can generate badly-needed funds for any troubled feedlot, stocker or cow-calf operation. Losses come in many shapes and forms. There are those loses that result from natural disasters, losses caused by dishonest employees and/or customers, financial losses from bad…

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Decision Aides Associated with Booming calf markets

By: Glynn Tonsor As stories about “seemingly limitless demand” for calves in several markets circulate and the release of the USDA-NASS Cattle Inventory report, it is useful to step back and take stock of available decision aides designed to practically address cattle producer decisions. For instance, many cattlemen find themselves (or their lenders) asking “what can I afford to pay for a steer calf?” and “what…

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Feeder Markets ignite

By: Darrell Peel Wheat is an amazing crop. Given the slightest opportunity, wheat responds very well under adverse conditions. In late October, the prospects for wheat pasture seemed all but lost with most wheat planted late and dry. It was noted, however, that with timely rains, a decent wheat crop could still develop. November turned out to offer almost ideal temperatures and a series of rains…

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Imports contribute to bull market

By: Luke Schwieterman The bull market continues into October. Exports were 30 percent higher compared to August of last year. Year to date, January through August, exports are over 27 percent higher than last year. Imports, on the other hand, were down 9 percent compared to August and year to date imports are down nearly 16 percent. Of the four largest countries the U.S. exports to,…

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