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How Nutrition Plays a Key Role in Animal Gains

When it comes to your cattle feeding operation, pounds matter. The more pounds your animal gains in a shorter period means the animal is more efficient and consequently, you should see a greater return on your investment. But what factors influence those gains? Certainly, genetics play a role, but so does the nutrition you provide…

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Natural Ways to Help Reduce the Risk of Bovine Respiratory Disease

It can be a challenge to keep stocker cattle healthy. Temperature swings, moisture, poor ventilation and commingling with calves from other points of origin are all stressors that impact the calves’ overall health and performance and can lead to Bovine Respiratory Disease or BRD, the leading cause of sickness in cattle. Even healthy-appearing cattle can…

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Stocker Cattle Glamor

By : Dr. Andrew Griffith, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics   Many readers of this article know my primary occupation is serving as the livestock economist at the University of Tennessee. My second job is producing a few acres of soybeans and running a few head of stocker cattle. Both of these endeavors…

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Limit Feeding: Back in Vogue?

By : Jill J. Dunkel & Miranda Reiman   From labor to health, limit feeding in the growing phase has benefits   Starting cattle on feed, the idea is to get them eating as quickly as possible. For some, that means having feed available throughout the day so when the “mood strikes,” feed is available.…

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How to Prepare a Health Management Plan for your Stockers

  Just like any group of livestock you are handling, you need a solid health management plan for your stocker cattle. After being freshly weaned from their mamas or hauled in by a semi, these young, stressed cattle can be more susceptible to sickness than older calves. Knowing what kind of cattle you’ll be getting…

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