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Considerations for Buying Feeder Calves

Health. Source. Genetics. Size. Condition. All of these are factors that cattle buyers should take into account when buying their next load of calves to background on grass or put into a feedlot. A healthy calf is going to eat and grow more efficiently so health is of the utmost importance. Be sure to know…

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Weaning fall-born calves (remember to plan for water needs)

By : Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist   Many cow/calf operations with fall-born calves will wean the calves in mid to late June.  Weaning during very hot summer weather is stressful enough to the calves.  Therefore any management strategy that can reduce stress to the calves should be utilized.  “Fenceline weaning”…

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Help Calves Hit the Ground Running

After calves are on the ground, one of the most important factors to keep cattle gaining is minimizing health challenges, advises H. Nielsen, DVM, Technical Service – Ruminant, Lallemand Animal Nutrition. “Diseases in calfhood have a major economic impact on cattle operations,” Dr. Nielsen notes. “There are direct losses from treatment costs or death losses.…

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Is it Profitable to Add Weight and Sell Heavier Feeder Calves this Year?

By : Chris Prevatt   The feeder calves with the greatest value are almost always the heavier calves, but producers must calculate if it is profitable for them to own the cattle longer, and provide the resources to add the additional weight. Photo Credit: Chris Prevatt   The feeder calves with the greatest value are…

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BY HEATHER SMITH THOMAS   Rotating livestock through pastures, providing recovery time for parcels recently grazed, can greatly increase pasture production. The drawback for many producers is having to move the temporary fencing and to provide water in each small pasture. Portable water tanks improve the flexibility of rotational grazing systems, being easy to move,…

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