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The Real Cost of Shipping Fever and What You Can Do About It

DULUTH, Ga. (June 2, 2020) — Shipping fever, or bovine respiratory disease (BRD), costs the cattle industry up to $900 million annually.1 But what does that number really mean to producers? “It’s hard for me to appreciate $900 million worth of losses spread out across the whole industry,” said Mike Nichols, DVM, Boehringer Ingelheim. “But it’s a…

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Backgrounding rates of gain effect carcass characteristics

By : Steve Boyles, OSU Extension Beef Specialist People are currently investigating methods to control rate of gain. Anna R. Taylor  and Robbi H. Pritchard, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD; and Kelly W. Bruns , University of Nebraska-Linclon, West Central Research & Extension Center, North Platte, NE, looked at backgrounding rate of gain on…

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Utilizing Cover Crops for Grazing: An Assessment on Economic Benefits

By : Tong Wang, SDSU Extension Advanced Production Specialist, Courtesy of   Cover crops are crops planted to protect the soil surface during fallow periods. As a conservation practice, cover crops build soil health and enhance system resilience in face of extreme weather conditions. The record level rainfall and flooding of 2019 has prevented…

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Livestock Field Day to be held in North Central Kansas

Make plans to attend the 2nd annual Stock Growers Field Day on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.  The event will be highlighted by beef reproduction economics and a market outlook along with an AI demonstration from industry and K-State Research and Extension experts in their field!  The field day, held in Beloit, KS, is a collaboration with…

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Economics of Yearling Systems – A Review

By : Erin Laborie, Nebraska Extension Educator If yearlings are being retained through the finishing phase, it can be beneficial to leave them on grass until September and capitalize on what has often been historically higher prices for finished cattle in January. Photo credit Troy Walz. This article is a summary of the 2020 Nebraska…

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