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Is it Profitable to Add Weight and Sell Heavier Feeder Calves this Year?

By : Chris Prevatt   The feeder calves with the greatest value are almost always the heavier calves, but producers must calculate if it is profitable for them to own the cattle longer, and provide the resources to add the additional weight. Photo Credit: Chris Prevatt   The feeder calves with the greatest value are…

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BY HEATHER SMITH THOMAS   Rotating livestock through pastures, providing recovery time for parcels recently grazed, can greatly increase pasture production. The drawback for many producers is having to move the temporary fencing and to provide water in each small pasture. Portable water tanks improve the flexibility of rotational grazing systems, being easy to move,…

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Stretching Grass while Maintaining Cattle in the Pasture

By Karla H. Jenkins, UNL Cow/Calf Systems and Stocker Management   As drought conditions worsen through a large portion of the Great Plains, many beef cattle producers are starting to evaluate ways to stretch forage resources potentially in jeopardy. While all producers should have a drought plan which includes trigger dates for removing cattle from…

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Batesville Station hosts weaning, stocker health workshop April 17

By Mary Hightower, U of A System Division of Agriculture   BATESVILLE, Ark. – Calf health, weaning strategies and the Beef Quality Assurance program are among the topics on the agenda for the April 17 Weaning and Stocker Health Workshop at the Livestock and Forestry Research Station in Batesville, part of the University of Arkansas…

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Capturing Value in Cropping Systems Using Cattle

By Kristen Ulmer, Nebraska Extension Educator and Mary Drewnoski, UNL Beef Systems Specialist   There are many challenges and opportunities when trying to decipher how to utilize cover crops as forages and graze cattle in a traditional cropping system. Photo courtesy of Troy Walz.   A conference on how to “Capture Value in Cropping Systems…

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