Stocker Special

K-State beef cattle experts discuss tips for raising stocker cattle

Written by : Lisa Moser, K-State Research & Extension Steers grazing grass as part of a stocker cattle management protocol. Managing feed and health costs while optimizing marketing strategies are keys to success   MANHATTAN, Kan. – Cow-calf producers, stocker operators and feedlot managers all have the same end goal in mind: raise high quality…

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4 Tips to Successfully Wintering Stocker Calves

Courtesy of It’s no doubt, agriculture is a risky business. There are a lot of uncertainties, especially when you add the environment and the ever-changing weather into the mix. But with a good plan and some of these best management practices in place, you can come out in the springtime with healthy, growthy calves…

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2019 Ag Economic Dialogues: Cattle Considerations

SDSU Extension will be hosting an Ag economics dialogue via webinar on December 20 at 12 PM CDT. Topic: Weather update Health Considerations related to gain Cow Feeding Costs Backgrounding Considerations Registration To participate via the webinar option, click and register on link below by December 20. There is no charge for this round of…

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A Guide to Selling Stockers

Courtesy of For cow-calf producers who spring calve, now seems like a logical time to market weaned calves. You’ve invested time and resources into breeding the cows, raising the calves and getting them weaned. Those cows should be bred back, and the cycle continues. But, is this really the best time to sell? Like…

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Corn Silage: Good wintertime feed

By : Terri Queck-Matzie Corn silage can be a good feedstuff for cattle through the winter months. “Silage can provide a tremendous amount of energy,” says Eric Bailey, University of Missouri Extension beef specialist and assistant professor of animal science. The feeding option was the subject of his presentation last January at the Three-State Beef…

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