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Stocker Special

Not All Gain is The Same

By: Wesley Moore, Beef Technical Specialist, Cargill Animal Nutrition Optimal gain for the stocker/backgrounder segment is difficult to discuss because the common answer when asked to define “optimal” is “it depends on your goals.” There’s truth to that, because not every business approach or set up is the same. Targeting optimal gain can be challenging…

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Options for immature corn

Courtesy of: Michigan State University Extension One challenge this year is wondering whether the corn crop will mature before frost and what to do with it if it does not. This is an opportune year for cash crop producers and livestock producers to be talking with one another about feed options. September 4, 2019 –…

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Heart of America Grazing Conference, October 29-30

Courtesy of: OSU Beef Cattle Letter Make plans now to attend the 2019 Heart of America Grazing Conference — Kicking the Hay Habit: Optimizing Profitability. The keynote speaker, Jim Gerrish, is an independent grazing lands consultant providing services to farmers and ranchers on both private and public lands across five continents. With a BS in…

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Research unwraps costs of five grazing situations, determines which most profitable

Courtesy of: University of Wyoming Preserving and passing the land on to future generations has been noted as one major reason ranchers stay in the livestock business despite its mental, physical, and financial hardships. Although profit and economic incentives are not always the driving forces behind decision-making, ranchers would still choose the most profitable management…

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Pastureland Grazing Publication Describes Iowa Grazing Practices

AMES, Iowa – In an effort to help Iowa beef producers remain profitable, Iowa Beef Center conducted several grazing and pasture management programs from 2013 to 2018. IBC extension program specialist Beth Reynolds said objectives for these programs ranged from improving grazing and management techniques for increasing forage productivity while increasing cattle performance to protecting…

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