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Hot Weather Causes Summer Diseases to be More Prevalent

The summer pasture season started earlier this year for much of the country due to a mild winter and above average temperatures this spring. With that extended season and current weather conditions, stocker operators need to be on the lookout for pinkeye, blackleg and foot rot. According to Dr. Larry Hollis, Kansas State University beef…

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When Worms Won’t Die

by Terri Queck-Matzie Just when you thought you had at least one problem licked, word comes that internal parasites may be developing resistance to common deworming treatments. Dr. Mac Devin, a professional services veterinarian with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc., says both over and under treatment can reduce efforts to control parasites, making it important to…

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Like Kerosene on a Brush Fire: Grazing Supplements Can Kick-Start Gains

by Paul Davis, Ph.D Spring and summer often afford cattlemen the  opportunity to utilize grass and small grain pasture to put economical gain on stocker calves. This type of grazing or stockering is a long-standing practice in the beef industry. Lush growing pastures and immature small grains are often very nutritious and subsequently calves perform…

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Growing Need for Forage

By: Jill Dunkel Current market and weather fundamentals are driving the cattle industry to new places every day. Input costs are increasing across all segments, which drives the question – what can be done differently but still produce a high quality product? Several industry experts are bringing forward the idea of extending the stocker phase…

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Drought stressed stockers

By: Dave Hutcheson & Ken Eng The extreme drought and heat that occurred in the southern plains cow/calf regions have led to wide spread nutritional stress. The lack of protein and energy has decreased growth of calves and decreased cows’ reproduction efficiency. When there is a lack of protein and energy, the effect cascades into…

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