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The year of the yearling

By: Dillon Feuz With the price of corn in Omaha, Neb., now over $6 per bushel and futures market projections showing it may stay there for some time, and with feedlot total cost per pound of gain over $1.00 per pound of gain there are new incentives to try and add weight to calves outside…

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To graze or not graze – Drought grain and livestock

By: Loretta Sorensen A  perfect storm has been brewing in the southern  Plains over the past year. It’s centered around nearly give-away wheat prices in 2010, lack of moisture stunting this season’s wheat growth and strong cattle prices strengthening demand for cattle. The combination of factors has driven a significant number of cattle out of…

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Tips for vaccine storage

By: Heather Smith Thomas If you use an old refrigerator to store vaccine in your barn or shop, make sure it still works efficiently. Some older units tend to freeze the items placed near the cooling unit. If the door doesn’t seal properly, items stored in the door get too warm in summer. Shannon Williams,…

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