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The benefits of retained ownership

By: Loretta Sorenson Beef producers always have the option of capturing a greater percentage of the value of investment in calves through retained ownership. However, identifying the best option is a year-by-year process. “Retained ownership isn’t easily defined, but can be described as a producer keeping calves for an extended period of time after weaning,”…

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Stocker strategies can affect quality

There was a time when corn was $3 per bushel and finished cattle were clocking in at younger and younger ages, that the stocker phase may have seemed less important. Nobody would say that however, after a decade of increasing feed prices for fewer calves that finish at ever higher weights. Due to the current…

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Putting the Weight

by Brittany Martindale With high corn prices and a drought affecting the agricultural industry all at once, many cattle feeders are looking for other ways to put weight on cattle before heading to the feedlot. Gains achieved through grazing and growing programs will likely have a cheaper cost of gain than those in the feedyard.…

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Snow Can Provide Benefits to Wheat Crop

Much-anticipated snow this winter will bring many benefits to the struggling wheat crop, said Jim Shroyer, K-State Research and Extension crop production specialist. In many ways, snow will be even more beneficial than rain. The benefits he outlined include: * Moisture. Obviously, snow brings much-needed moisture to wheat fields. The general rule is 10 inches…

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It Always Takes Longer Than You Think; We are “Out of Cattle”

Derrell S. Peel, Oklahoma State University Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist Exactly two years ago I wrote an article about the implications of declining cattle numbers (“At What Point Do We Run Out of Cattle”, Cow Calf Corner, November 15, 2010) .  In that article I suggested that after many years of herd liquidation, we had…

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