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Fenceline weaning reduces stress in already stressfull summer

With much of the High Plains experiencing very hot weather, producers must be very mindful of stressful situations for calves. Weaning anytime is stressful, but weaning during a very hot summer is even more stressful for calves. Therefore any management strategy that can reduce stress to the calves should be utilized. Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State…

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DNA based technologies for stocker cattle management

By: Justin Rhinehart Most of the discussion about DNA-based technologies in the cattle industry has been directed at using this tool to supplement EPDs, ultrasound and actual performance data in breeding age animals. Because these tools have evolved to include predictions for a broader scope of traits, there is now an opportunity to use them…

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When prayers aren’t enough

By: Terri Queck Matzie The USDA Drought Monitor forecasts continuing drought conditions for much of the Southern and Southwestern United States. That’s bad news for those in the stocker cattle business who rely on forage as a food source. There isn’t much they can do to bring on the rains and green up pastures. But…

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Short duration grazing

By: Heather Smith Thomas Rotational short-duration (management-intensive) grazing is a good way to increase cattle performance and improve pasture health and productivity. The length of intervals — hours, days or weeks — before cattle are moved to the next paddock, pasture or strip will depend on constraints of the land base (size, type of pastures…

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The year of the yearling

By: Dillon Feuz With the price of corn in Omaha, Neb., now over $6 per bushel and futures market projections showing it may stay there for some time, and with feedlot total cost per pound of gain over $1.00 per pound of gain there are new incentives to try and add weight to calves outside…

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