Stocker Special

Growing Need for Forage

By: Jill Dunkel Current market and weather fundamentals are driving the cattle industry to new places every day. Input costs are increasing across all segments, which drives the question – what can be done differently but still produce a high quality product? Several industry experts are bringing forward the idea of extending the stocker phase…

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Drought stressed stockers

By: Dave Hutcheson & Ken Eng The extreme drought and heat that occurred in the southern plains cow/calf regions have led to wide spread nutritional stress. The lack of protein and energy has decreased growth of calves and decreased cows’ reproduction efficiency. When there is a lack of protein and energy, the effect cascades into…

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Are you at risk for Trich

Do you feel like you’re in the dark on whether your herd could be at risk for trichomoniasis? If you do, fear no more; take our self-assessment to identify if you are. Simply answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following six questions: 1. Has trichomoniasis been diagnosed in your area? 2. Do you utilize open-range…

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Planning for winter stocker management

By: James Sprague Stockers back to grass Here are a few ideas that come to mind after watching cattle operators over the years. With the high price of winter feed ingredients this fall, the feeding program for stocker cattle, that is cattle that will go back to grass next spring, present critical management decisions. Feeding…

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Hide and Seek for Stockers

by Jill Dunkel Stocker operators and order buyers can see the writing on the wall — tough times ahead. Tough times are not necessarily defined by low prices in this scenario, but more accurately a lack of supply. With the epic drought of 2011, cow numbers are drastically declining upon the heels of one of…

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