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Feed Situation

By: Matthew Diersen, Risk & Business Management Specialist, Ness School of Management & Economics, South Dakota State University Large rainfall events have made it a challenging growing season in South Dakota and neighboring states. The quantity and quality of feed from pastures and crops have been affected. The resulting feed situation is influenced by both…

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Avoid Pasture Bloat

By: Heather Smith Thomas Bloat is a common problem in ruminants, if they can’t get rid of extra gas produced by rumen microbes during digestion. Putting hungry cattle on lush legume pastures, such as alfalfa—especially in pre-bloom stage—is most dangerous. It’s less dangerous once plants are mature, with lower protein level. Wheat pastures can also…

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Spring Forage; Looking Beyond Cereal Rye

By: Jason Hartschuh, OSU Extension Crawford Country, AgNR Educator Winter wheat, barley, triticale, and cereal rye planted in the fall can produce high quality forage in the spring when harvest is in the boot stage. These forages are not equal though in there speed of maturity or quality in the soft dough growth stage. Rye…

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Taking on the Challenges of Coccidiosis

By: Blaine Corners, PhD, senior beef cattle nutritionist with Zoetis If there’s one disease cattle producers should look out for in starting — 300- to 500-pound — cattle, it’s coccidiosis. In operations I work with, this parasitic disease poses numerous problems that need to be addressed: • At least 13 different coccidial species are known…

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Not All Gain is The Same

By: Wesley Moore, Beef Technical Specialist, Cargill Animal Nutrition Optimal gain for the stocker/backgrounder segment is difficult to discuss because the common answer when asked to define “optimal” is “it depends on your goals.” There’s truth to that, because not every business approach or set up is the same. Targeting optimal gain can be challenging…

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