Computer Managed Hydraulic Drive EZ Ration Processor.

RCMR, Inc. announces their all-new Computer Managed Hydraulic Drive EZ Ration Processor designed and built for precise control and offering more options for blending hay and feed rations.This hydraulic drive truck-mounted hay processor is designed with a computer system controlling its operation to provide more accurate and consistent processing of blended hay and feed for targeted livestock groups.

The onboard computer and software benefits begin with a ramp-up soft start which not only reduces the horsepower requirements but also reduces stress and wear on the truck, transmission and the EZ Ration Processor. The ramp-up start incorporates a staggered launch of the different components and starts them in the correct order. The operator is now able to adjust the speed of the knives and vary the cut on the roughage to optimize different types of roughage and fit them to different classes of livestock.

The computer automatically adjusts the hydraulic valves and compensates for variations in the truck’s engine speed. This maintains the desired floor chain settings and provides for a consistent output and blend.

The operator can save the settings with the Auto-On Option and restart everything to create the same blend and cut by hitting just one button which saves time and increases efficiency and consistency for the next feeding.

Hydraulic fluid temperature is displayed and alerts are given when exceeding recommended operating temperature. Every hydraulic system’s pressure readings are shown on the display. When hydraulic pressures exceed normal operating constraints, the operator is notified. A message window provides notification of any problems in the systems. Manual overrides are built into the controls so the operator can keep feeding cows.

RCMR, Inc. has been on the cutting edge of advancements when they patented the ability to blend feed sources in any desired ratio nearly two decades ago. Since then, the blending of roughage feed sources has come to be considered the best and most basic way to reduce winter feed cost.

For more information on the new Computer Managed Hydraulic Drive EZ Ration Processor, contact or call 800-242-9599.

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