Detecting Pregnancy in Heifers and Cows with Technology – A Producer’s Perspective

Two technologies that are available to producers to utilize to detect pregnancy in heifers or cows are blood tests and ultrasound. These two technologies can be utilized to detect pregnancy as early as 30 days post breeding. Early detection of pregnancy in beef heifers or cows provides producers with information that allows them to make timely management decisions. A recent article Choosing a Method for Pregnancy Diagnosis discusses the use of these two technologies.

In this month’s BeefWatch Producer Perspective Podcast, Hazy Delzer from near Ellsworth Nebraska discuss how they utilize pregnancy diagnosis tools on their ranch for management and marketing decisions. Topics discussed in the interview include:

  • History of the operation and the different enterprises that are a part of it.
  • How blood testing cows for pregnancy has been used in the past.
  • How the purchase and use of an ultrasound machine has allowed for quickly assessing pregnancy in both heifers and cows.
  • Why the information provided by an ultrasound has been helpful in making management decisions.

The BeefWatch podcast is the audio companion to the monthly BeefWatch newsletter and also features bonus interviews such as the Producer Perspective.

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