Eng to be honored for contributions to feedlot industry

Ken and CarolineA dedicated professional and an industry supporter, Kenneth Eng has spent his entire life working for the betterment of the livestock industry. For his accomplishments as a feedyard nutritionist and consultant, as well as his contributions to the cattle business, the sponsors of the Feeding Quality Forum present Dr. Ken with the Industry Achievement Award.

Eng was one of the early feedyard nutritionists, beginning his consulting business in1969. He taught at Texas A&M on a part time basis, where he designed the feedlot management master’s degree program. He also developed a thriving cattle business on the side, first with stocker cattle and more recently with a large cow herd with his late wife, Caroline.

As a consultant, he wrote more than 300 columns for Feedstuffs that were published for 30 years.Eng also developed the first computer program to print out weights, consumption and projected feedlot performance and breakevens in the late 1960s.

“Much of what we did in those early days, we were probably quite a ways ahead of our time. If a feedyard had a good nutrition consultant,then you were doing things that were at the forefront of the industry and not widely accepted otherwise,” Eng explains. “Things like steam flake grains, high concentrate rations, higher protein levels, the addition of feed fat and various feed additives. It all seems simple now, but it was new technology then.

”Eng is regarded as one of the early experts in feedyard nutrition, according to his many colleagues who sing his praises.

“Ken has been very successful in the cattle industry for several decades, as a consultant, as a producer, ”says Bill Dicke of Cattlemen’s Nutrition Services, Lincoln,Neb. “He has great passion for the industry, and being in the consulting business I appreciate how much he’s done for the consulting industry. He has always been one of those individuals that contributes; he has leadership, and if anyone in consulting deserves this award, it’d be Ken.

”Through Eng’s professional success,he founded the Dr. Kenneth and Caroline McDonald Eng Foundation, with significant contributions going to animal science research at the University of Nebraska, Oklahoma State University and Texas A&M.

“Ken has been very successful in his life and he has been one of those individuals that understand the concepts of giving back,” says Dicke.

Eng will be presented with the award at the Feeding Quality Forum on August 28 in Grand Island, Neb., and on August 30 in Amarillo,Texas.

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