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Angus VNR: Building a business, feeding the world

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Feedlot Focus

Quest for the best steer

By: Steve Suther

An ideal beef steer is one you can profitably produce again and again, to earn premiums on a value-based grid. That’s the premise Paul Dykstra used in presenting “How to build the perfect steer” at the Angus Means Business National Convention and Trade Show November 2-4 in Overland Park, Kan. Dykstra has worked with feedlots as Beef Cattle Specialist for ...
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Belly Up to the Feed Bunk

“When it comes to increasing cattle productivity, half the battle is getting cattle to belly up to the feed bunk and eat,” says Angel Aguilar, PhD, Dipl. ACAN, Technical Services Manager, Lallemand Animal Nutrition. “Feeding behavior can be influenced by several factors,” Dr. Aguilar notes. “To get cattle coming back to the bunk, it’s important to have a palatable and aerobically ...
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Capacity Utilization in Milling / Feeding Systems

By: Marc Roth M.S., P.A.S.

Last week, as I was reading a feed industry publication, there was a story about the dedication of a new pork feed mill in Iowa. The $29 million facility is slated to operate 24 hours/day, six days per week and will produce 350,000 tons annually. The thought struck me for the umpteenth time, “I wonder why ...
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Stocker Special

Preventing Prussic Acid Poisoning

By: Dr. John Andrae, Clemson University Extension Forage Specialist

A significant risk of grazing certain species of drought or frost-damaged forages is hydrocyanic acid poisoning. This is more commonly known as prussic acid or cyanide poisoning. While prussic acid toxicity occurs less frequently than nitrate poisoning, cases are not uncommon in South Carolina. This bulletin will review causes of prussic acid ...
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5 Tips to Prepare for a Silage Switch

In the fall many dairy producers see slumps in production and feed intake. This is often due to an abrupt change from old corn silage to green chop or recently fermented corn silage. “Preparing for the switch and easing the transition can help maintain production levels and avoid health changes that we commonly see in the fall,” says Angel Aguilar, Ph.D., ...
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On Target column from CAB

By: Justin Sexten, Ph.D.

As summer turned to autumn, you faced familiar questions. Do I market calves at weaning or precondition them? Which heifers should I keep? Record prices made answers a bit easier last year, but with those on the decline you may want to consider alternatives. The decision of when to market calves relative to weaning comes down to enterprise ...
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Cow / Calf Corner

Is she good for another year?

By: Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist

At cow culling time, producers often face some tough decisions.  Optimum culling of the herd seems to require a sharp crystal ball that could see into the future.  Will she keep enough body condition through the winter to rebreed next year?  How old is the cow?  Is her mouth sound so ...
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Poor temperament adversely affects profit

By: Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist

When culling cows, selecting against ill-tempered cattle has always made good sense.  Wild cattle are hard on equipment, people, other cattle, and now we know that they are hard on the bottom line. Mississippi State University researchers (Vann and co-workers. 2006. Southern Section of American Society of Animal Science) used a total ...
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Body condition score at calving is the key to young cow success

By: Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist

Most areas of Oklahoma have had adequate summer forage to allow pregnant replacement heifers to be in excellent body condition going into late fall and winter.  Now producers are faced with the challenge of maintaining body condition on the replacement heifers through the calving season and into next spring.  As the ...
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Industry News

Collaboration Key to Antibiotic Stewardship

Human and animal health experts came together in Atlanta, Georgia Nov. 3-5 to discuss issues related to antibiotic resistance and to work toward increased antibiotic stewardship in human medicine and animal health. Throughout the ...
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Beef market in transition

By: Derrell S. Peel, Oklahoma State University Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist

Total 2015 beef production in the U.S. is expected to decrease about 2.5 percent year over year from 2014 and would be the ...
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NCBA and PLC Keep the Pressure on WOTUS

WASHINGTON (Nov. 18, 2015) – Today, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and Public Lands Council along with 34 state affiliates and stakeholders sent a letter to 11 democrat members of the Senate encouraging ...
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Company News

Zoetis Helps Enhance Reproductive Efficiency Among Cattle With LUTALYSE® HighCon Injection

FLORHAM PARK, N.J., Nov. 24, 2015 — Cattle producers and veterinarians now have a new management tool for added reproductive efficiency. Zoetis today announced the introduction of LUTALYSE® HighCon Injection (dinoprost tromethamine injection), ...
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New Parasite Control Educational Video Available for Producers

Duluth, Ga. – November 2015 – A free online video is now available to help producers access up-to-date information on strategic parasite control and the impact it can have on their operations’ bottom ...
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Marketing & Management

NDSU Offers Sustainability, Stockmanship Workshops

The North Dakota State University Extension Service is holding Sustainability and Stockmanship workshops at Linton Livestock on Wednesday, Nov. 18, and Kist Livestock in Mandan on Thursday, Nov. 19. Both daylong workshops start at 9:30 a.m. The cost is $40, which will include a noon meal, handouts and breaks. The cost for additional registrants from the same operation is $20 ...
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Black Ink – An end to stonewalling

By: Steve Suther

There’s a stone wall of sorts near the top of our country lane. People don’t know if it’s coming or going unless they visited here 10 years ago. That was about the time we returned from a vacation trip and decided to build a dry-stacked wall like the thousands we’d seen. We live on ...
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