Fake Meat Labeling, Water Issues On Agenda For Legislative Session

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The Kansas Legislature will begin its 2020 legislative session Monday, January 13. Front-and-center for KLA this year will be legislation to protect consumers from the false labeling claims of alternative, plant-based proteins known as “fake meat.”  KLA will propose legislation to create a definition of fake meat called a “meat analogue,” which includes products that simulate meat, but do not contain animal muscle tissue. The legislation will require meat analogues to place next to their product name, in the same size font, a disclaimer that reads “this product does not contain meat.”

KLA also will be monitoring a number of water issues, including those involving the compensation and qualifications of the chief engineer of the Division of Water Resources and liability protections for water right owners for faulty repair work performed on a water meter by a technician.

Meanwhile, the Legislature is expected to grapple with several non-agriculture-related topics this year. Those include deficit spending, Medicaid expansion, a constitutional amendment on abortion and tax relief previously vetoed by the governor that pertains to state tax adjustments necessitated by federal tax law changes made in 2018.

Throughout the session, KLA staff will keep members updated through this newsletter, as well as a KLA’s social media platforms. Members are encouraged to like KLA’s Facebook page, where weekly government affairs video updates will be posted, and follow the association on Twitter @newsfromkla or by searching for #KLAatthecapitol or #ksfakemeat.

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