FDA Soliciting Comments on Transit to Slaughter and Zero-Day Withdrawal Periods

Courtesy of: Texas Cattle Feeders Association

Last Friday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) called for comments on transit times to slaughter plants in animal agriculture and how end users interpret zero-day withdrawal period statements. Since the 1980s, the FDA has assigned zero-day withdrawal periods in a manner that takes into account the time the animal would be in transit to the slaughter facility. The FDA has generally assumed cattle travel 12 hours to a slaughter plant. Even though the number of drug residue violations detected by the USDA has decreased since 2013, the Agency is seeking to reevaluate current industry practices to update their procedures, Meatingplace reported. The FDA wants to know how long it takes to transport animals to slaughter plants, and how producers or veterinarians interpret animal drug labeling that states “zero-day withdrawal period.”

TCFA will submit comments and monitor any proposed rulemaking. 

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