Five Tips For A Foolproof Holiday Roast

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The holiday season is roast season, and there’s nothing better than a perfectly prepared roast as the centerpiece of a festive meal.

While holiday roasts are popular, one in five people admit to not knowing how to properly cook a roast. Luckily, the chefs from NCBA, a contractor to the beef checkoff, are here to help. The “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner” experts share five tips that can help ensure the perfect roast every time:

1) Pick the right roast for your diners and the occasion. Some of the most popular holiday options:
Tenderloin Roast – This lean, tender roast cooks quickly and is easy to carve.
Ribeye Roast – This traditional holiday roast has generous marbling, great beef flavor and can feed a crowd.
Chuck Roast – This value roast is easy to prepare and becomes fork tender when cooked low and slow.

2) Season properly. Rub the roast with spices and hearty fresh herbs prior to cooking for a flavorful result.

3) Roast with the fat cap up. Positioning the roast with the fat cup up provides natural basting throughout the roasting period.

4) Cook for proper doneness. Use a probe thermometer to track temperature throughout the cooking process without opening the oven.

5) Don’t forget to rest. Let the roast rest for 15 to 20 minutes before slicing so the juices redistribute. This will lead to a juicier eating experience.

You can find holiday roast recipes here.

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