Gallagher Weigh Up Challenge

Educating cattle producers on the benefits of livestock weighing is important to Gallagher so they’ve introduced an online challenge to test a producer’s knowledge.

Known as the Gallagher Weigh Up Challenge, participants can register online and then provide weight estimates for three ‘online’ animals. Once the weight estimates have been registered the actual weights are revealed along with cost estimates for overdosing based on the participant’s weight speculations.

The online challenge continues until February 28, 2013. Producers interested in experiencing what weighing can bring to their cattle operation are encouraged to participate at

Gallagher has partnered with DVAuction, who is supplying actual livestock footage and weights. One entry per registered user is allowed each month of the contest. New livestock is shown monthly on the site. The grand prize winner will receive a custom made Greeley Hat and Rios of Mercedes Boots valued at $1,000.

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