Harvey Update : If You Need Help Or Want To Help

The cleanup and recovery after the initial storm and ongoing flood will be an effort that continues for some time. We have had many offers of help, supplies and prayers, which are greatly appreciated. For those that need help or would like to help, we have gathered a list of resources, links and phone numbers.
If You Need Help
Click here for a checklist “Floods and Your Livestock”
Click here for Extension Disaster Education Network Flood ResourcesAnimal Shelters and Holding Facilities
If you are seeking a large or small animal shelter/holding facility in your area or in your evacuation area, call 2-1-1 or contact the emergency management department in the area you are seeking shelter. To view a list of Texas animal holding facilities and shelters click here.Lost or Found Livestock
If you have lost or found livestock, email missinglivestock@tscra.org or fill out the online form.
Click here for information on carcass disposal (PDF), including wildlife. Click here for information on recording losses.

If You Need Hay or Supplies
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension has established livestock supply points in the affected area and are currently receiving and distributing donated resources to producers impacted by the Hurricane Harvey. If you are in the affected area and have a need, contact your local supply point listed below to coordinate or call 979-845-7800.

Angleton Animal Supply Point
Brazoria County Fair Grounds
Supplies Brazoria and surrounding counties
Contact Information

Sinton Animal Supply Point
San Patricio County Fair Grounds
Supplies San Patricio and surrounding counties
Contact Information

Jefferson County Supply Point
Winnie-Stowell Park, 355 Park Street, Winnie, Texas 73665
Supplies Jefferson and surrounding counties

Harris County (LaPorte) Supply Point
LaPorte High School, 301 E Fairmont Pkwy, La Porte, TX 77571
Supplies Harris County

Contact County Judge or Emergency Management Coordinator to Request State Assistance for Stranded Livestock
If you are in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey and need hay or livestock feed delivered to stranded livestock, contact your county emergency management coordinator or your county judge to obtain a State of Texas Assistance Request (STAR) form. This will start the process to access assistance. These requests must start at the local level. In exceptional circumstances where feed needs to be delivered via non-conventional means (such as by helicopter or boat) to stranded livestock, the STAR procedure is necessary.

To find your county emergency management coordinator or county judge, use your favorite search engine to search on the name of your county and emergency management coordinator or county Judge (example, Brazoria County Emergency Management Coordinator or Brazoria County Judge).

Avoiding Scams and Fraud
Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey should be aware of unscrupulous people who may try to take advantage of them through fraud, scams and identity theft and other criminal activity. Price gouging, identity theft, unscrupulous contractors and charity scams abound after disasters, and AgriLife Extension has some tips to avoid getting taken. Click here for more information.

If You Want To Help

TSCRA has established the Cattle Raisers Relief Fund to support relief efforts for ranch families affected by natural disaster. The Cattle Raisers Relief Fund (CRRF) is administered by the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization.

Donations may be made online by clicking here, or checks may be mailed to

1600 Gendy Street,
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

More information, including distribution standards and applications, are available at tscra.org/relieffund/.


Pasture, Trucking, Other
The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) HAY HOTLINE helps connect forage with those in need. If you can offer transportation or have shelter, pasture and land available for evacuated animals, visit the TDA Hay Hotline website or contact TDA at 512-463-9360.


Animal Supplies
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Agency has set up supply points in Angleton, Sinton, Winnie and LaPorte and are accepting all donations of feed, supplies and help. Examples of items accepted include square bale horse quality hay, various types of hay for cattle in round or square bales, all-stock feed, range cubes protein supplement, fence supplies and other ranch items. Call 979-845-7800 if you would like to donate or volunteer help.

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