Hi-Plains Systems mobile app

Hi-Plains Systems, Inc., a major supplier of feedlot software to feedlots in the US and around the world, announces its development and release of new desktop software and a new app for iPhone and iPad.

The app, IPRO.MED is available for purchase and download through the Apple App Store for either mobile device. When combined with Hi-Plains Systems’ new Pro Med XIsoftware, you can enter in all of your animal treatments on your mobile device and download to a desktop running Pro Med XI.

Information such as lots, drugs, withdrawal dates, pens, diagnosis, and predefined treatments are setup in PRO MED XI and then downloaded to an IPAD or an IPHONE. Using predefined treatments, drug usage is calculated based on animal weight. Treatment reports are printed from ProMed XI on the desktop computer. Treatment costs can be moved to any of Hi-Plain Systems’ feedlot programs. Pro Med XI software is required to use the app.

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