ICA seeking young cattle producers for leadership program

AMES, IOWA –In an on-going effort to build future leadership for both the Iowa cattle industry and the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, ICA is taking applications for the 2020 Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Program. The application deadline is November 1, 2019 and can be downloaded from the ICA website, www.iacattlemen.org.

“With all of the issues facing agriculture today, it’s more important than ever that we equip young cattlemen and women with the knowledge and skills needed to lead our industry into the future,” says Matt Deppe, CEO of the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association. “The Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Program will help participants better understand the industry and work towards solutions to the problems their generation will face.”

Those selected for the Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Program (YCLP) will meet six times in the coming year on January 8-9, 2020, February 18-19, 2020, May 28-29, 2020, August 6-7, 2020, November 5-6, 2020 and December 3-4, 2020. They will tour beef production facilities, learn about trending cattle issues, enhance their leadership and communication skills, and play an active role in the legislative process. The program is free to all participants.

The application for YCLP asks potential participants to explain why they are interested in participating in the program, as well as explaining their goals and giving their vision for the future of the cattle industry. Preference will be given to current ICA members. If you have questions about the program, or would like an application mailed to you, contact Adair Lents at adair@iacattlemen.org, or call 515-296-2266.

YCLP is sponsored by ICA with funding provided by the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation and members of the ICA President’s Council.

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