KLA Continuing To Seek Clarification On Some Issues As CFAP Application Period Opens

Courtesy of kla.org

The application period for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) opened last week and will run through August 28. Producers should apply through their local Farm Service Agency (FSA) office. Applications can be submitted electronically either by scanning, emailing or faxing. FSA should be contacted prior to sending applications electronically. The application form, AD-3114, can be found here. If more space is needed, an overflow document can be accessed here. USDA also has provided a payment estimator that can be helpful in filling out the application. It can be foundhere.

Several questions remain regarding how to categorize some livestock and crops; therefore, producers may want to wait before submitting their application. KLA has acquired updated information on how CFAP applies to formula grid contracts, cattle lease arrangements, grain basis contracts and silage/hay. This information can be found here. Additionally, USDA has provided a chart outlining how to categorize each class of cattle, which can be found here. KLA staff is continuing to work with FSA to get clarification on other questions and will keep members updated as more information is provided. In the meantime, members should call KLA or their local FSA office with questions.

Additionally, KLA staff and volunteer leaders echo member frustration with the arbitrary date range associated with the higher payment rate on livestock sold. KLA specifically told USDA not to set an arbitrary marketing date when staff provided input after President Trump signed the bill. Staff is working with the Kansas congressional delegation, NCBA and other state affiliates to address the issue.

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