LiveStock Steel Produces New Guardrail for Livestock Corrals, Windbreaks and Cattle Fencing

AllRail,Inc. specializes in bringing the American beef and dairy farmer lifetime fencing products. Today, AllRail Inc. announces LiveStock Steel Guardrail Panels. Starting a dairy in the 1960’s, the family has continued to serve America’s cattlemen. Noting a significant decline in the availability and quality of good used guardrail for sale, AllRail’s team, Tom Calton, (Pres.), and David Swain, (Sales Mngr.), have now created an unlimited guardrail panel supply for American agriculture.

    Recent clients, Josh and Erika Lamb, of Rollin O Cattle Co. said of the new product, “We rest easy when Brutus, our 2000 pound bull, is behind LiveStock Steel.” Josh Lamb continues, “We’re very pleased with our fence we built with this panel. Since we’re a multi-generational farm, we look forward to our fence lasting a lifetime!”  

    Based in Rutherfordton, NC, AllRail ships nationally from West and East coast yards. Tom Calton says, “For nearly two decades we’ve supplied producers across the country with our used highway guardrail. We still offer the used panel when available. What we noticed was demand was increasing due to the effectiveness of highway guardrail’s shape, but the supply of highway guardrail was decreasing due to changes in State DOT policies. That’s why we’re so excited about LiveStock Steel.”

    “My father, Bill Calton, taught us to serve our customers. So, we developed a high quality, affordably priced guardrail fencing panel designed specifically for American agriculture. LiveStock Steel’s been received so well, we plan to introduce a complementary line later in 2016. More on that in a future press release,” says Calton.

The Specifications:  
•    LiveStock Steel: a solid, 26 feet long x 12.25 inch wide W-Beam pre-galvanized, roll-formed and punched steel livestock guardrail.
•    LiveStock Steel is rolled in 15ga. steel for livestock purposes and is often cheaper than used highway guardrail for sale while integrating perfectly with standard used US DOT highway guardrail panel. 
•    See: for photos and video of product and uses: Windbreaks, Corrals, Feed Lot Fencing, Feed Bunks, etc.

AllRail / LiveStock Steel serves an advancing American Agriculture. Our mission is to bring America’s invaluable Beef and Dairy producers the best lifetime cattle panel solutions. With decades of experience and countless truckloads shipped across the nation, LiveStock Steel is the new Lifetime Fencing Solution

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