Make Plans for Cow/Calf Boot Camp

By: Dave Sparks, DVM

Are you an experienced beef producer who would like to increase the management and profitability of your operation but can’t go back to school to do so?  Are you a newcomer to the industry trying to figure out if this business is right for you?   If you answered yes to either question OSU Extension may have the answer for you.  This spring the 4thOSU Cow/Calf Boot Camp will be held on April 22, 23, and 24, 2013, in Tishomingo.

This 3 day school is open to the first 50 to enroll.  These 50 students will work with approximately 20 OSU extension specialists, animal scientists, and veterinarians in a variety of teaching formats.  These include hands on workshops with live cattle, production management slide shows, small group table exercises, a ranch visit, and a pasture tour.

Topics to be covered in the three days and evenings include industry overview, cattle handling and working techniques, hay evaluation, internal and external parasite management, efficient reproduction, bull selection, calving season and cow efficiency, marketing, calving management, cattle health and vaccination programs, cow nutrition, farm business planning, Oklahoma Quality Beef Network, mortality disposal, facilities and fencing, selecting replacement heifers, culling management, aging cows by dentition, pregnancy testing options, pasture management, and weed and brush control.  In addition, graduates will be certified as Beef Quality Assurance producers by the Oklahoma Beef Council.

The three day school will consist of a minimum of 30 hours of programs.  In addition, students will be given time to meet and network with the other producers in attendance.   Lunch on all three days and dinner on Monday and Tuesday will be provided as will continental breakfasts and refreshments for breaks.  A fee of $100 per enrollee will be charged to cover the costs of food and printed materials. 

What have former attendees thought of the opportunity?  Here are a few quotes from earlier students:  “Had such a good time—will be soaking up and sharing information for quite some time.  Feel more confident in what we can do to be a successful cow-calf operation. And hopefully grow into a more successful business.  Thank you, all involved!!” ;  “….level of knowledge increased 10 fold, thank you for all your assistance.”;  “All management principles need implementing on my property.  I was doing some things right and surviving, now I think I can make a real difference in my operation and grow a successful product.”

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